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I just couldn’t resist. This blog be blowin’ up!

A nice, chill Sunday today; I went to yoga in the AM and headed to Alberta in the PM for a pen-to-page session at Caffe Vita.

I’ve finally gotten around to using the Instagram app on my phone that I downloaded months ago and I think it’ll aid my quest to take more photos of my day-to-day actions.

A few things of note:

  • I spent some time this evening cleaning out, rearranging, and sorting my jewel closet. For me, if I can’t see an item it basically doesn’t exist, so I tried my best to bring a lot of pieces to a more visible position. It also got the wheels a’ churnin’ for another 30 Days of Jewels challenge…. be excited!!
  • Marilyn Minter is one of my favorite artists and I’m giddy reeding all the press she is getting for her exhibition opening at Salon 94 in NYC. I think I’d wet myself if I ever got to see one of her works in person; they speak to me so much on the tiny computer screen that thinking of them larger than life is wonderfully overwhelming. Behold the video component of this exhibition “I’m Not Much, But I’m All I Think About.”

Cheshire (Wangechi), 2011

Meltdown, 2011

Heavy Metal, 2011

SO FU#@ING COOL!!!! Reed whole article here and another from NYT’s TMagazine here. MM, FTW!

A fun Halloween game for my PDX peeps: costume or real life? Never a shortage of contestants.


PoseCity xo.

Happy Halloweenie.

#nowplaying REM “We All Go Back To Where We Belong” [even with a big crush, this is mega awk]

I thought I’d share my Halloween costume inspiration & reality:

This was a simple costume that I’m sure I’ll repeat; I got the denim button-up at Goodwill and the patches & bandana at Ray’s Ragtime. Sewing them on proved to be quite the task- much respect to seamstresses, courtiers, and Taiwanese children for actually being good at making stitches. Most people knew what I was going for or thought I was a mechanic [close enough].

Costumes are so fun and I love observing people in them, especially now that I’m out of the college days when every dude was a Gynecologist and every girl was a Naughty [insert occupation, animal or fairytale character]. Personalities inevitably change behind a guise and I think that’s one reason we continue to play along as adults: to escape ourselves for a few hours and take on a different appearance/mannerisms.

If you plan on incorporating drinking into your Halloween festivities, remember it is just as important to drink “in character” as it is to dress up as one; Rosie wouldn’t be sipping a martini, yaknowwhudImean? I equipped her with a 6-er of Rainier: blue collar booze.

If you still need an idea, check out these two courtesy of StyleMint.

I envision Audrey with a nice light microbrew or a Gin & Ginger and Edie with…well anything that’ll help swig back barbiturates.

Plan accordingly m’dears & be safe!


PoseCity xo.

Talking points.

#nowplaying Radiohead Amnesiac

There is something to be said about the “made ya look” factor in fashion. Obviously, not every outfit or design will appeal to the masses, even if it is worn by someone you really like. Whole genres of garments [turtlenecks, I’m talking to you] are shunned by people for various reasons, but just because I don’t love them doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate someone who does wear them well. And if you waltz by in a leopard print turtleneck? Congrats, you made me look….aaand probably silently applaud your gusto.

So behold: two looks that I happen to admire and like very much, but I can certainly understand why the next Jo(sephine) on the street would give the big “thumbs down.”

See more of Ms. Knightley’s look here, courtesy of our pals at Celebuzz.

Ms. Bosworth in a totally badass Proenza Schouler top and skirt, photos courtesy of People & Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Love ’em or hate ’em, these ensembles respectively teeter on that fine line between “hit and miss.” What do you think?  Other than how it’s awesome that “teet” is in that last sentence, of course.

Cheers to the double take,

PoseCity xo

Slow to judge; quick to pose.

#nowplaying RiRi!

Balance has been restored to the RiRi Force, hurrah! The video, meh- I mean it’s melodramahhhh x 10 [and quite laughable at times, see “MINE” being forcefully tatted on her booty, hilar!] but I really like the song. In related news, check out her purdy stint in the November issue of British Vogue, cover below- so beautiful against the bright blue.

I’ve been pondering ‘judgement’ this week after a particular “you just got served by the universe” incident on Wednesday at work. I’m grateful for these moments when I am so obviously put in my place, but am often ashamed by the thoughts and events leading up to them. I’m striving to remember the saying “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” [the Internet is having a battle of its own trying to attribute that quote to someone- Plato is the winner it seems] in terms of snap judgements on relative strangers. Now, judging someone you actually know and quite possibly might even love? GO AHEAD!!!!

More to report from the Rosy Posy City:

  • I got my hurr cut at Gold + Arrow salon on Tuesday. Does it look like St.Vincent? No. Does it look much different at all? Not really. But it feels better to me, and I am very happy with Melissa’s handiwork. She thinned it out a lot and understands how curly hair needs to be snipped in an almost random way to achieve the ‘bed head’ look I like. I told her I like big hair and she replied “you want big hair, I’ll give you big hair, baby”- lifetime customer, made!


  • Weather has been lovely lately, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really difficult to stand out in fall/winter here. I’m not going for a Lady Gaga look by any means, but with each passing lady, I start to notice that we’re all pretty much dressed the same, give or take a scarf or two. Just an observation that further reinforces my thought that true style is in the details. It’s the addition(s) of unique accessories that serve as an extension of our personalities– that are certainly not all cookie-cutter –that keep us from looking like we all stepped out of the window of [insert trendy store].
  • Still on the hunt for black boots. I’ve lowered my standards considerably already due to bleak results from all my favorite haunts; I was determined to find THE PERFECT pair, and I had saved up to pay for them, too. But “they” are no where to be found thus far. I’ve succeeded in procuring brown and – gasp- even red boots at vintage shops, but it seems like every pair of black boots I try on makes me look like I’m getting ready to board a space shuttle. Moon boots, WTFuzz? – not cute. Search continues……….

You dissin' my look, Reed?

  • Colored tights are going to be “my thing” for fall; first order of biznass is to get more than two pairs [purple and teal]. Also see above where I write that ladies start to all look the same in the cooler months: tights, boots, scarf, etc. – hoping this adds extra flair to my outfits, but they are also on trend right now, so we shall see.
  • My mom is the wisest woman I know: this is not news, but I recently caught up on the blog she writes for, SpouseConnect. When my dad retired from ministry after 35+ years, I thought her commitment to the site – aimed at providing supporting words to clergy spouses – had ended, but it has actually morphed into a way for her to share what to expect post-“pastor’s wife/husband” status. This particular list of items called “Ten Foundations for your House” resonated with me. Regardless of your place in life or your faith or lack thereof, this is just good advice. Thanks for sharing, MJR ❤
  • My arty Flux: Fashion on Lend: Reflections on Six Weeks of Swaps  was posted on Monday and I am extremely happy with how it turned out and especially that my own iPhone photo was included to give it a nice personal touch. It was the first “first person” piece I’ve done for NN and I enjoyed it very much [and Laura approved, too- phew!]. I am disappointed at the lack of comments; maybe people just do not care about such a service, but the piece got picked up by a few media outlets here and still received little actual reader feedback. Something to note for the future of this idea, for sure.

Just call me 'Anna Leibovitz'

That’s the good word from #6 for now; I hope my reeders are having a great weekend thus far. I reiterate: “be kind, for there are a lot of fashion victims out there.” Er……wait…. well, you get my drift.
PoseCity xo.

Reeder Love.


Two images o’ glory appeared in my Google Reeder this AM that I must share because they are both making this gray day brighter:

Miu Miu Resort 2012 Campaign Guinevere van Seenus by David Sims

Y’all know my adoration for Miu Miu; Miuccia & co. continually churn out the most gorgeous collections and create equally as magical print ads.

I love this dress! All my mags are telling me that “scarf prints” are soooo hott right now and clearly this trend – like most of them – is a nod to latter days. Too bad it is reserved on Etsy, or I might consider a purchase. See more views here.

That’s all for now; file under very naughty work post.


PoseCity xo.

PostScript: To a sweet reeder who sent me a very thoughtful “Bummer Basket“- thank you so much for making my day. Consider sending a BB to a friend or loved one- guaranteed smiles 🙂 [see?]

You’re a stone fox.

The streak continues! For realz, the Dunster is my #1 lady crush right now. Yeah, you hear that, RiRi?! Just check out these photos of her from Vs. Magazine [all photos linked to source]…..

SWOON!!!! See more here or better yet, check out the issue in person if you can find it. Vs. is one of those gorgeous magazines I always want to buy, but it’s around $10 so I never do. Of course, that’s a meager bar tab or 4.5 days of coffees… #perspective. JSYK: if you live in PDX, Magazine Mecca= Rich’s Cigar Store. I’ve been stopping in the downtown location on my lunch break lately to get lost in a dreamy publication for a few minutes. Plus, it smells amazing in there and makes me want to smoke a pipe like the man behind the counter always is…at work… love it!

More KiKi, just ‘cuz:

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now. That last one is from NYT’s T Magazine shot by Terry Richardson, FYI.

I had to run a rando work errand on Thursday for an Account Executive who has Pendleton in her portfolio of clients who run workplace giving campaigns on behalf of the non-profit I work for. She needed a box returned to the home goods store a few blocks away, and given the beautiful fall weather and chance to escape my cube, I jumped at the chance to help. On the second floor of the retail space are the company offices and it was SO COOL to see the history of the company and how its many prints have become iconic. The brand has coupled with uber hip retailer Opening Ceremony, in the past, and is currently wooing a whole new generation of fans with its Portland Collection. The walls are lined with a timeline of photos and memorabilia; here are two pics I snapped.

A humdrum errand that turned into a fashion history lesson of sorts- like button!

Yesterday I stopped into Betsy & Iya for a post-payday treat; obvi I was not disappointed. Not only was there a 15% off sale through the weekend, but I also got to chat with B briefly and I enjoy keeping in touch with her. I often hear people say that Portland is a small town, and these connections really emphasize that to me and I like being able to get to know shop owners and employees. I scored a sweet hand-painted top and a gold cuff at B&I… and was quite taken with their clever dressing room occupancy indicator:

*Squee*! It pulls down like one of those tests at the eye doctor. Clearly, I got a kick out of it.

I headed up to N. Mississippi over the weekend, a veritable paradise for a fall day wanderin’. Paid visits to all my faves up thurr, including Flutter, where I was quite taken with the neckline of this peach colored slip/nightgown:

Not quite sure what’s going on with the wonky stuff job, but lumpy boobies cannot ruin this, goshdarnit! This was gorgeous in person, flowing all the way to the ankles. Can you imagine wearing something like this to bed?! I wear my lacrosse sweats from high school [cut off, oh hai] and old t-shirts, swap sweats for shorts in the warmer months- try and contain your arousal. I can’t help but think sweet dreams would be inevitable in such a garment.

Signing off for now.


PoseCity xo.

Renewed Energy.

What does it take to give ourselves a so called “breath of fresh air?” A new perspective on an old, seemingly familiar topic, a “shot in the arm” [figuratively, of course]? I’ve written here about ebbs and flows in so many areas of my life; creativity, relationships, passions. All of this seems extremely natural to a certain extent, however admitting a “low point” is difficult and can often feel like a confession of sorts. Yes, I love to write and specifically, I love to write about style/fashion/personal flair, but YES, I abso-fing-lutely admit to periods devoid of interest and originality. My wise father, as I shared a few months ago, suggested that, when faced with “writer’s block” type moments, I soldier on like an athlete, intent on facing the next opponent/assignment. Sometimes that thinking helps pull me out of slumps and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve been in the midst of a lot of introspection lately; it’s sort of inevitable when one is alone as often as I am. I have the luxury, really, of observing myself at my best and at my worst, when no one else is around. At times, this is maddening and provides nothing but an endless list of flaws; other times, I really learn about myself and what makes me tick, what I like about myself and how I am most productive.

On a larger scale, though, I’ve been struggling with being motivated and inspired to write. How can I possibly be enthusiastic about a topic that at many times recently I’ve felt “over.” It’s always been difficult for me to write about/promote supporting local businesses & locally produced garments when I am often financially unable to practice what I preach, so to speak. But I have a commitment, one that I’ve examined many times and come to the conclusion again and again that it is worth keeping for multiple reasons.

So why am I feeling renewed? Well, as per many instances in my life, I have my family to thank. As I mentioned in previous posts, my sister visited me last weekend. We walked all over this city, pounding the pavement, stopping in familiar and unfamiliar destinations. Throughout it all, my sister kept saying how lucky I am to live in a place where so much is accessible on foot. Her city, she says, is lacking the boutique and independent retailer scene that in Portland is so vast that it’s almost overwhelming. Showing her around, I felt a sense of pride that I haven’t in far too long. I thought about all the reasons I moved here in the first place and how different Portland is from where I grew up. Obviously, it has its flaws like every city, but being with my sis recharged my PDX luv battery; I have a voice [a quiet one, but a voice nonetheless] when it comes to showcasing the many local gems in this city and I take that very seriously.

Another boost recently came in the form of some much coveted face time with the masterminds behind the site I contribute to. They are partners, a coupling that I so incredibly admire, but do not envy. Theirs is a relationship that is intertwined in the personal and professional world, a distinction that I want to keep separate in my life, but certainly appreciate when others can make it look so damn easy. My bosses, if you will, unveiled a new editorial schedule and included me in the conversation; it was so rewarding and valuable to hear it face-to-face and feel the relief and excitement surrounding change. Their confidence in me helped to perpetuate the fresh energy from the weekend. I am intimidated by the new schedule, don’t get me wrong, but I am also excited; a feeling that I’m all-too eager to welcome.

In what ways do you experience fresh energy? When do you know if a task and/or commitment is stale beyond revival?

Hair update: I scheduled an appointment for next week at Gold + Arrow salon, an establishment I stumbled upon running errands during my lunch break. I’ll bring this image of Ms. St. Vincent as a guide, unless I weenie out of course….

OH and one more link before I go; all the aforementioned alone time & introspection can inevitably turn towards what I want out of a partner, if I want a partner, what the fuzz do I want, etc. My friend posted this article, “All the Single Ladies,” from The Atlantic which I found incredibly interesting. The notion of the “Cleaver Family” unit is so recent in history, yet is the uniform model society clings to to fit all couples. In the past, the author tells how people married for much more practical reasons. I don’t want to make statements on marriage or come across as judgmental towards others who have “taken the plunge,” as I know it is a source of pride & joy for many [worked out pretty well for me, clearly], and I certainly don’t count it out of my own future. What I most related to was the author’s assertion that women should feel independent and successful on their own before committing to a relationship where the expectation is to have all of her needs met. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, ya know?! Most times easier said/written than lived, but so it goes for most wise notions.

Until next pose; keep it fresh and foxy peeps.


PoseCity xo.