Blonde on Blonde.

#nowplaying Grandaddy Concrete Dunes picked this look from Kirsten Dunst as its “Look of the Day” & I concur. I love this dress, which the caption tells us is by Honor, a brand/label I’ve never heard of and is not yielding particularly helpful search results, hmph. I am, as much as I’ve tried to deny it over the years, a Kirsten fan if for no other reason than the fact that she’s in so many of my favorite movies – Little Women, The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, heck I even liked Mona Lisa Smile. I’m looking forward to the her latest film Melancholia, which Kiki is promoting in this lovely frock. I do love the print and cut of this dress, but my favorite part is the sheer top emerging from a sweetheart neckline. Covered up, yet sexy. Don’t let the modesty fool you, though; I hear she gets nekkid in this movie. Woot!

My Mad Men binges of late have me on the prowl for any images of the polarizing female lead, Betty Draper. I for one, am still enamoured with her, even though she has emerged as quite the big ball of crazy. I guess I should clarify by saying I’m enamoured with her character’s styling on the show, not necessarily her actions &/or story lines. Every time she appears on screen, my inner Ice Queen Fembot sighs with the joy only uppers & wine could produce. This shot, courtesy of my friend Emily’s Tumblr Bruer Tate, looks like it is from a photo shoot, possibly just of January Jones as herself, but still, I see the Betty coming through; don’t you?

Her title for the shot is “perfectly coiffed,” as Betty always is- “perfectly captioned” as well, I’d say.

Looking forward to a chill weekend here in PDX. I have a few plans & the usual errands, but mostly just laying low in between family visits [my sister is coming next weekend, yippieeeee!!!]. I MUST get some writing done; I’m feeling so out of touch in terms of what I *should* be keeping up on as a part of my NN gig. By the time I get home and check Facespace, I watch so much “tick” by [BTW- is the “ticker” feature making anyone else even more of a crazed stalker?! Mmmkay….] that it seems helpless to try and catch up. And the stories and photos I see are of great interest to me, don’t get me wrong, I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I don’t want to ever look back and think of things I didn’t do because I was too crippled by self-doubt to put myself out there; but I fear that is what’s happening right now. Strange days.

Hope you all have a great weekend and please rest assured knowing that striking a fab pose will never cost a monthly transaction fee.


PoseCity xo.

2 Comments on “Blonde on Blonde.”

  1. Emily Tate (Bruer Tate & Jane's Vanity) says:

    I love the dress Kirsten is wearing, too! Did you see this video of possibly-the-same-designer’s SS2011 line?
    We really should hang out more.

    • PoseCity says:

      No, I hadn’t seen the video, thank you so much for sharing- it is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t find much info on the designer a few days ago but I am going to investigate further. And a big YES to the hang out xo

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