Time of the Season.

#nowplaying “Mellow Mix”

Personal update: I had a great weekend with my parents, hurrah! Currently entertaining that famous mindset after an event/occurrence to which much emotion had built up in anticipation; some might call it let down, but I’m feeling more reflective, so that’s what I’m going with. Enough about that.

I took my mom & dad to the PSU Farmers’ Market and as always, I was overwhelmed by the COLORS. Something about the fresh, crisp hues never cease to inspire me. Since I am not a chef or “foodie,” when I gaze upon tables of unruly produce, I do not imagine ways to whip up a feast, but rather I think of the shapes, colors, and patterns translating in some way onto fabric or in accessory design. I often think “I want a dress that color!” knowing full well that humans can never truly synthetically recreate what Mother Earth does naturally.

I love imagining eggplant-colored walls, cherry tomato-sized ear baubles, a yellow cauliflower-hued winter coat; nature, I r-e-s-p-e-c-t your palate! One camping trip and I’ve turned all hippy dippy- my mom even bought me a ginorm bouquet (?) of dried lavender that I’ve dispersed throughout #6 to much delight [and I finally made use of the old painted over doorbell, below].

Getting back into my work-week routine, all signs – gloom, precipitation, early dusk, chilly air – point to the arrival of Autumn in PDX. I bought a sweet little pumpkin friend at Trader Joes’ tonight [pictured!] to keep me company on my kitchen table, a bit of a fall custom for me since living on my own. This time of year always makes me revert to a uniform of sorts in terms of dressing [tights, boots, dress, coat, scarf, repeat] and also seems to make me want shorter hair. Summer is so conducive to longer tresses and perfect for windswept do’s, but the rain makes me want to  put a hat on my frizzy mass and hide. The less I have to “deal with” or “contain” the better when it’s pouring.

I never know quite how to articulate what I want to hair stylists, so I try and have a photo or two to help out.  Here are some options I’m pondering for fall….

Annie Clark of St. Vincent:

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland:

Both of these styles would require my hair to be thinned out considerably, but I’m ok with that. I think it would actually allow me to keep more length and just get rid of some bulk.

Not pictured: instant regret post-mane chopping. So it goes.

I anticipate my reflective stage will last a good while into this week, and will fade just in time to gear up for another visitor in early October, YAY!

On my to-get list: BLACK BOOTS. Oh perfect pair, where you at?!?!? Suggestions welcome.


PoseCity xo.

PS. In keeping with my trend of a post script, I must share that my score of the weekend occurred at BillyGoat Vintage on Sunday when I bought a dress that is suitable for work for $1.00. That’s all.

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