Look, a lookbook!

#nowplaying Beach House- Teen Dream

Happy September, Pose-rs! Can ya even believe it is the 9th month of 2011?! I cannot. Once this Indian Summer scoots on by, I’ll be very happy to usher in tights/boots season. All in due time.

As I recently shared, I’m taking part in a clothing library trial called Flux: Fashion on Lend. Laura, the head librarian if you will, put together a lovely lookbook featuring all of the garments available for check-out worn by some very professional models. Check it out here: Flux Lookbook. I’m going to write a wrap-up about the trial for NN, so stay tuned for more specific thoughts on this process. The arty may or may not reference how weird the word “look” becomes after writing it over and over.

Photo courtesy of Flux Facebook page

And since it is Sunday, I’ll link to one of my favorite Sabbath traditions as of late: Between Peace & Happiness’s Sunday Scrapbook. I love this collection of re-posted photos, mostly because I feel like the blogger, Emily, is inside my mind, seeing what I think about, lust after, and desire. I usually cast a favorable eye on all but very few of the pictures she chooses to share. I love the mix of fashion and food, two of the areas of life where I experience the most intense, specific cravings. You go girl, thanks for sharing.

Ok, that’s your tease. Go check it out for your darn self!


PoseCity xo.

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