Blonde on Blonde.

#nowplaying Grandaddy Concrete Dunes picked this look from Kirsten Dunst as its “Look of the Day” & I concur. I love this dress, which the caption tells us is by Honor, a brand/label I’ve never heard of and is not yielding particularly helpful search results, hmph. I am, as much as I’ve tried to deny it over the years, a Kirsten fan if for no other reason than the fact that she’s in so many of my favorite movies – Little Women, The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, heck I even liked Mona Lisa Smile. I’m looking forward to the her latest film Melancholia, which Kiki is promoting in this lovely frock. I do love the print and cut of this dress, but my favorite part is the sheer top emerging from a sweetheart neckline. Covered up, yet sexy. Don’t let the modesty fool you, though; I hear she gets nekkid in this movie. Woot!

My Mad Men binges of late have me on the prowl for any images of the polarizing female lead, Betty Draper. I for one, am still enamoured with her, even though she has emerged as quite the big ball of crazy. I guess I should clarify by saying I’m enamoured with her character’s styling on the show, not necessarily her actions &/or story lines. Every time she appears on screen, my inner Ice Queen Fembot sighs with the joy only uppers & wine could produce. This shot, courtesy of my friend Emily’s Tumblr Bruer Tate, looks like it is from a photo shoot, possibly just of January Jones as herself, but still, I see the Betty coming through; don’t you?

Her title for the shot is “perfectly coiffed,” as Betty always is- “perfectly captioned” as well, I’d say.

Looking forward to a chill weekend here in PDX. I have a few plans & the usual errands, but mostly just laying low in between family visits [my sister is coming next weekend, yippieeeee!!!]. I MUST get some writing done; I’m feeling so out of touch in terms of what I *should* be keeping up on as a part of my NN gig. By the time I get home and check Facespace, I watch so much “tick” by [BTW- is the “ticker” feature making anyone else even more of a crazed stalker?! Mmmkay….] that it seems helpless to try and catch up. And the stories and photos I see are of great interest to me, don’t get me wrong, I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I don’t want to ever look back and think of things I didn’t do because I was too crippled by self-doubt to put myself out there; but I fear that is what’s happening right now. Strange days.

Hope you all have a great weekend and please rest assured knowing that striking a fab pose will never cost a monthly transaction fee.


PoseCity xo.

Time of the Season.

#nowplaying “Mellow Mix”

Personal update: I had a great weekend with my parents, hurrah! Currently entertaining that famous mindset after an event/occurrence to which much emotion had built up in anticipation; some might call it let down, but I’m feeling more reflective, so that’s what I’m going with. Enough about that.

I took my mom & dad to the PSU Farmers’ Market and as always, I was overwhelmed by the COLORS. Something about the fresh, crisp hues never cease to inspire me. Since I am not a chef or “foodie,” when I gaze upon tables of unruly produce, I do not imagine ways to whip up a feast, but rather I think of the shapes, colors, and patterns translating in some way onto fabric or in accessory design. I often think “I want a dress that color!” knowing full well that humans can never truly synthetically recreate what Mother Earth does naturally.

I love imagining eggplant-colored walls, cherry tomato-sized ear baubles, a yellow cauliflower-hued winter coat; nature, I r-e-s-p-e-c-t your palate! One camping trip and I’ve turned all hippy dippy- my mom even bought me a ginorm bouquet (?) of dried lavender that I’ve dispersed throughout #6 to much delight [and I finally made use of the old painted over doorbell, below].

Getting back into my work-week routine, all signs – gloom, precipitation, early dusk, chilly air – point to the arrival of Autumn in PDX. I bought a sweet little pumpkin friend at Trader Joes’ tonight [pictured!] to keep me company on my kitchen table, a bit of a fall custom for me since living on my own. This time of year always makes me revert to a uniform of sorts in terms of dressing [tights, boots, dress, coat, scarf, repeat] and also seems to make me want shorter hair. Summer is so conducive to longer tresses and perfect for windswept do’s, but the rain makes me want to  put a hat on my frizzy mass and hide. The less I have to “deal with” or “contain” the better when it’s pouring.

I never know quite how to articulate what I want to hair stylists, so I try and have a photo or two to help out.  Here are some options I’m pondering for fall….

Annie Clark of St. Vincent:

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland:

Both of these styles would require my hair to be thinned out considerably, but I’m ok with that. I think it would actually allow me to keep more length and just get rid of some bulk.

Not pictured: instant regret post-mane chopping. So it goes.

I anticipate my reflective stage will last a good while into this week, and will fade just in time to gear up for another visitor in early October, YAY!

On my to-get list: BLACK BOOTS. Oh perfect pair, where you at?!?!? Suggestions welcome.


PoseCity xo.

PS. In keeping with my trend of a post script, I must share that my score of the weekend occurred at BillyGoat Vintage on Sunday when I bought a dress that is suitable for work for $1.00. That’s all.

Expiration Date(s).

#nowplaying Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence 

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. A short time, just Friday-Monday, but I am filled with excitement and anxiety. It is a small window of time to let them into my life, to show them how I go about tasks big and small, to reveal more of myself in an effort to give both parties a better connection across so many miles. What I mean is, I’m feeling the pressure. And none put on me by them, but felt very intensley in my own mind because I basically have two whole days to spend with them and there is absolutely no way everything will “get seen/done.” I accept this. I must further accept that my weird little world where it’s just me and my needs/wants will be temporarily interrupted. It sounds selfish and reclusive, but as I have lived alone and independently for a certain amount of time, I find myself bothered by the simplest intrusions into this world. It will be great and I need to relax and know that I’ll try my darndest to make the most of the time we DO have together.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of longevity in certain areas of life. I suppose that it’s just one of those universal truths that most things/passions/people have expiration dates in a person’s lifespan. In the past six months or so though, I’ve felt this very acutely in terms of friendships. Are we all just floating along, clinging to each other until the next person comes along? I guess I should just say what I mean instead of speaking vaguely: I don’t understand how friendships unravel due to romantic relationships. I mean, I do and I don’t. Is it just my age, the life stage that I am in? I know many who are married, procreating, and happily content [maybe?] in this stage of life that I cannot begin to comprehend myself in. It is not these differences that bother me, though, as I am genuinely happy for their joys, but it is the inability to maintain existing connections once such major life changes happen. Perhaps one day I’ll understand, but I kind of hope not.

Somewhat similarly, the idea of the expiration date of a “passion”[I’m referring to an outlet/expression here] has been weighing heavily in my mind. Do we just occupy our minds with one thing until the next comes along? Is every passion really just a distraction from the difficult or painful areas of our life that need to not be turned away from, but rather examined intently? I do not know, but I do realize that activities that once held promise and stimulation can inexplicably die out. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quite abruptly. I think of my own obsession with fashion and clothing – clearly evident by the “Archives” section to your right– and how even it has dwindled. Last week was New York Fashion Week for God’s sake and I haven’t clicked through a single show. One passion dims; does another one spark? How long passes in between?

Finally, I’ve pondered long-lasting love, as I seemingly always am in some way, shape, or form. I’m probably the last person in America to hop on the Mad Men bandwagon, but I’m on it at last [I don’t consider myself an “early adopter”] and as Season 3 came to a close before my eyes, I watched a rocky romance crumble. I don’t mean to compare my friends’ relationships or any that I’ve had to that of Don & Betty, but it does make me think: how does any relationship last at all?! Seemingly EVERY union is in disarray, consumed with doubts and fears and I struggle to name one friend who is content in his/her romantic entanglement. I mean, we all have our secrets and inner workings that, thankfully, can always remain our own. But where/when does a partner fit in? And for how long? Does one occupy a passion and various needs until the next comes along?

Of course all of these questions are rhetorical and for me, there lies some comfort in the unanswered. Passion and longevity are defined in countless ways, depending on who you ask. It is scary, as I fear my passion for writing “publicly” will disappear one day- or even worse, fade away– while I peck away nonsensically on my computer, trying desperately to seem “relevant.” I fear the collapse of even more friendships, although the candidates have dwindled considerably. I fear the loss of love, the inability to regain love once lost, the self-exploration that must occur to actually be in love.

I guess friendship, hobbies, and maybe even love, all have their respective life cycles. No need to fear, but rather just accept, as aforementioned, that we will give each our best while they are with us.

To the one(s) currently occupying our vibrant minds, cheers.

Much love,

PoseCity xo.

P.S. I promise to never again use a stock photo of a milk jug. Ever.

Look, a lookbook!

#nowplaying Beach House- Teen Dream

Happy September, Pose-rs! Can ya even believe it is the 9th month of 2011?! I cannot. Once this Indian Summer scoots on by, I’ll be very happy to usher in tights/boots season. All in due time.

As I recently shared, I’m taking part in a clothing library trial called Flux: Fashion on Lend. Laura, the head librarian if you will, put together a lovely lookbook featuring all of the garments available for check-out worn by some very professional models. Check it out here: Flux Lookbook. I’m going to write a wrap-up about the trial for NN, so stay tuned for more specific thoughts on this process. The arty may or may not reference how weird the word “look” becomes after writing it over and over.

Photo courtesy of Flux Facebook page

And since it is Sunday, I’ll link to one of my favorite Sabbath traditions as of late: Between Peace & Happiness’s Sunday Scrapbook. I love this collection of re-posted photos, mostly because I feel like the blogger, Emily, is inside my mind, seeing what I think about, lust after, and desire. I usually cast a favorable eye on all but very few of the pictures she chooses to share. I love the mix of fashion and food, two of the areas of life where I experience the most intense, specific cravings. You go girl, thanks for sharing.

Ok, that’s your tease. Go check it out for your darn self!


PoseCity xo.

When in Venice….

Apparently there is a film festival going on there right now? I don’t really give a fuzz cuz all I can see is that peeps are bringing it: behold Kate, Diane, & Marisa.

I am delighted to see each of these ladies looking so good! Although the three ensembles are very different, each is appropriate for the occasion [Kate & Marisa are at photo calls for their respective films, while Diane is working it at a premiere] and fitting for the actress’s age and frame. The photos here are courtesy of, but also check out Celebuzz and InStyle for more [caution: not all are as well dressed as these three].

Which conveniently brings us to our next subject– or rather our next question– of the post: Keira Knightly or Anna Wintour? Pretty sure we now know who will be playing the notorious Editrix in her posthumous biopic. Let’s just hope it premiers in Venice!

In follow-up news: apparently I wasn’t the only one aghast at RiRi’s feathered garb. HuffPost reports that animal rights group PETA has scolded her for wearing ostrich feathers that “might have been collected in a cruel or harmful way — possibly while the animal was still alive.” SHOO, and I thought it was just a fashion crime! #goawaypeta

Also of note: PoseCity heroine Carine Roitfeld answers some Q’s from the NYT, including one regarding the charms of another PoseCity esteemed citizen, Tom Ford. #wanthernewbook

And finally, in news of the truly bizarre, I’m taking this holiday weekend and going…CAMPING.

 Normally, <— this would totally be my attitude if such an activity was presented. However, I feel extremely lucky to have the holiday off this year, and I’ve been craving a bit of an escape from the almighty SCREEN [computer, phone, computer, computer, phone, glazed, not focusing just zoning, etc.]. My friends were generous enough to invite me along, and for a very economical rate, I will be in the wilderness for 48 hours! Wish me luck.






Remember: a foxy pose per day keeps the animal activists away. Surely my exursion into nature [and my aversion to ostrich] will keep ME off their hit-list for the time being…

Until next post!


PoseCity xo.