Sunday Scores.

#nowplaying Sonic Youth Pandora Radio [treating me extra nice tonight]

I want to share two finds from the weekend, both found on one of those magical, no agenda, no time frame shopping excursions with a lovely friend in tow. The first is a dress from Fringe Vintage, which I’ve declared my love for previously, so I’ll spare you all of the gushing that I am capable of when it comes to this shop. I am almost hesitant to post this photo, as per usual, it does not do the dress justice, but I want to have some visual [sorry that said visual also includes my closet door, the cropped version would not upload, grrr]. It’s one piece; the top is white with a subtle line pattern and very thin material – old faithful brown bra will have to sit this one out- with a black skirt on the bottom, pink belt to cinch the waist. I saw it on the “New Arrivals” rack, and fell in lurve. So happy that it fit and was only $29.99 for an awesome 80s sexy secretary dress. I can’t wait to wear it with my black peep-toe sling backs.

If you live in PDX and haven’t been to Fringe, puh-lease go, especially on the weekends when all merch besides New Arrivals is 15% off already affordable prices. If you force me, I will go with you.

After our predictably successful foray into Fringe, we were walking home when I spotted a pop-up estate sale in a tiny space I had never even noticed before. I kid you not! I investigated further, of course, just to make sure this wasn’t some sort of urban retail oasis.

I am still unsure of the whole business model of such a place, but logistics are rarely on my mind when potential treasures await. Most of it was overpriced and some downright fugs, but a few items were stand-outs, including an amazing bright orange dial telephone, which didn’t seem quite so charming after the man working told me it was $50 [what the what].

What I did walk away with is this lovely antique jewelry box, the kind that plays music when you wind it up and has a soft velvet interior. I’m in love! And get this, it was only ONE DOLLA. HOLLA.

Doesn’t it just beg to be filled?! I don’t want to be the one to let down such a lovely object, so I will oblige.

More great finds from the Rose City are always waiting, which is slightly maddening if I let myself think about it too long, but also extremely exciting.
PoseCity xo.

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