One year and 99 posts later.

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FYI: For all intensive purposes, I am declaring THIS my one-year anniversary post!
I’m feeling quite reflective on this day, August 28, 2011, as it is the very day one year ago that I took an evening walk prior to going out to dance myself clean, and felt a rush of creative energy that has since been unmatched. I know that those type of “eureka” moments are rare in life and I am grateful to have had a few so far that have been transformative in various degrees. When I reread my FIRST POST today, I gazed upon my words with a silly smile, like I wanted to reach out and pat myself on the shoulder and say “good on ya, Reed.” I still have no direction for this mode of thought & image capture, a very loose style guide, no real promotion, and at the core, it has and will always remain an endeavor solely for myself. We all need selfish outlets– safe places to unload the crazy that goes on in our minds– so that we are able to be more present in the tasks that require a selfless attitude [like at work or with a partner], and this has very much been that for me.

So yes, being an outlet is the main reason this still exists, all 98 [this being #99] posts and countless photos and links, but there are two other reasons I want to *quickly* touch on because they are both somewhat unintended results of actively blogging.

1. Writing: Starting a blog has taken my writing to a whole new level that I never could have imagined a year ago. From here, I gained the confidence and momentum to pursue more public outlets: The Neat Sheet > GalTime > Wearever The Weather > Neighborhood Notes. It’s been a journey of self-discovery and anxiety-inducing deadlines, but very much worth it.

2. Portland: I love this city. True, the name of my blog and what it is about has always been Portland-centric, but really hitting the pavement and shopping and meeting people [specifically SB and all she has so generously shared with me] has only reinforced how lucky I feel to live here- most of the time, of course. There better be a good reason for living so far from the ones I truly love, and I do feel that Portland is where I am supposed to be for now.

For these reasons, and countless others, I am grateful for this tiny space, an unrecognizable speck on a speck on the back of a speck of the World Wide Web. Thank you to any and all who reed.

Much love and to many more years of writing– CHEERS!

PoseCity xo.

A tale of two photos.

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For all intensive purposes, I was having a jolly good AM. I was planning on going to yoga later in the day, but woke up early and felt rested, so I caught the early class which was great. [side note: the studio I’ve been going to, Yoga on Yamhill, is ab fab: donation-based fee, full schedule, chill teachers- check it out PDX-ers!] I get home, settle into my java and interwebz routine, and…

Photo cred:

GAH! Now you might not recognize the person above- I know I had difficulty doing so- but it is in fact dear Ri Ri. I don’t really know where to start about my disdain for this look, but I will say it ages her about 25 years and nearly dimmed my morning glow. Let us not linger, but cleanse our eyes!

Ah, much better. The above image was reblogged on Jane’s Vanity‘s tumblr, The Vanity Enchantment, which incidentally has me quite enchanted lately. Conversely, this photo makes me smile; I love the matte, bright colors, and of course the jewels. And what is she sipping? I think a milkshake, probably chocolate. Phew, all better.

In far more important news, I am very excited to share that I am a part of an experiment in consumerism (or lack thereof) called Flux: Fashion on Lend. By one of those magical Interwebz connections, I learned about this through a Tweet by Marjorie Skinner, the fashion writer for The Mercury, and immediately sought involvement with Laura Allcorn, the woman behind the project. Long story shorter, Laura and I met last week and I agreed to participate in her lending library 6 week trial consisting of 10 women who can borrow/”check out” one item of clothing at a time from her prime space in the Galleria Building right downtown [just a block away from Central Library, perf!].

I am very interested in the idea of “alternative libraries” and have often pondered how awesome it would be to have a clothing/accessories library. I know that some form of this exists online for handbags [Sex & the City Movie anyone?!] but doing this locally and with predominantly thrifted items- as Laura is doing- is most appealing. I went to the space this weekend and selected my first item, a sheer lacy top that I wore out last night with a high waisted skirt and big silver necklace. I am going to wear it again this week to work and will try and get a photo, as I’d like to document all of my borrowed items and how many times I wear them. A priceless added bonus: Laura and I hit it off right away and I am grateful to have a new friend AND a new top. Win x 2.

That’s all for now Pose-rs. Wishing you all happy thoughts in your dear heads and sweet images on your screens; there is so much beauty to be seen!


PoseCity xo.

Sunday Scores.

#nowplaying Sonic Youth Pandora Radio [treating me extra nice tonight]

I want to share two finds from the weekend, both found on one of those magical, no agenda, no time frame shopping excursions with a lovely friend in tow. The first is a dress from Fringe Vintage, which I’ve declared my love for previously, so I’ll spare you all of the gushing that I am capable of when it comes to this shop. I am almost hesitant to post this photo, as per usual, it does not do the dress justice, but I want to have some visual [sorry that said visual also includes my closet door, the cropped version would not upload, grrr]. It’s one piece; the top is white with a subtle line pattern and very thin material – old faithful brown bra will have to sit this one out- with a black skirt on the bottom, pink belt to cinch the waist. I saw it on the “New Arrivals” rack, and fell in lurve. So happy that it fit and was only $29.99 for an awesome 80s sexy secretary dress. I can’t wait to wear it with my black peep-toe sling backs.

If you live in PDX and haven’t been to Fringe, puh-lease go, especially on the weekends when all merch besides New Arrivals is 15% off already affordable prices. If you force me, I will go with you.

After our predictably successful foray into Fringe, we were walking home when I spotted a pop-up estate sale in a tiny space I had never even noticed before. I kid you not! I investigated further, of course, just to make sure this wasn’t some sort of urban retail oasis.

I am still unsure of the whole business model of such a place, but logistics are rarely on my mind when potential treasures await. Most of it was overpriced and some downright fugs, but a few items were stand-outs, including an amazing bright orange dial telephone, which didn’t seem quite so charming after the man working told me it was $50 [what the what].

What I did walk away with is this lovely antique jewelry box, the kind that plays music when you wind it up and has a soft velvet interior. I’m in love! And get this, it was only ONE DOLLA. HOLLA.

Doesn’t it just beg to be filled?! I don’t want to be the one to let down such a lovely object, so I will oblige.

More great finds from the Rose City are always waiting, which is slightly maddening if I let myself think about it too long, but also extremely exciting.
PoseCity xo.

Hoarding Tendencies.

I’ve been collecting receipts lately. I say “collecting” because this isn’t for any financial reason, but rather a sort of extension of journaling. It all started when I stumbled upon a receipt from my road trip to Oregon in 2008 and I was pleasantly surprised how much joy I got out of reminiscing by looking at the date, time, and whereabouts of the purchase made. A simple, boring? piece of paper conjured up so many memories and thoughts, who knew?!

Literally days later, I discovered illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt. Reason #127 I adore the Internet is the way one click can be the beginning of a journey of discovery. You just never know what you are going to find, which, depending on the site/place, can be good or bad (NSFW, anyone?!). In this case, it was delightful. I started following Clair Vintage Inspired clothing on Facespace and the owner posed (wink) this question to her Internet posse.

Long story shorter, the artist in question is Ms. Bingaman Burt and I was eventually led to her website where I learned that since 2006, she has been sketching simple line drawings chronicling every purchase she makes. Calling them “Daily Purchase Drawings,” KBB has compiled months of them into small books called Obsessive Consumption. Fascinating! Like illustrated receipts, KBB draws the item and includes the price and date. What a cool idea and quite timely for me, as I have been so interested in purchase records as a way to chronicle life.

Follow KBB on the Twit @katebingburt & check out her website, The Office of Kate Bingaman Burt, where there is much more to view.

Meanwhile, back in #6…. Summer is here, but not the heat and humidity elsewhere. A lot of fab purchases have been made, a lot of great manis have been self-applied, a lot of loving, of sorrow, of confusion; aka somewhat normal. I’ve struggled to manage my time in front of a computer screen, thus explaining bouts of absence from blogging. I don’t want to be sitting on my tushy when it’s glorious outside, or when I’ve been a sloth at my desk at work all day. But I also have assignments and such that must be completed. It’s a constant balancing game, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel quite resolved about how I spend my time. #whitegirlproblems

Speaking of assignments, my Neighborhood Notes editor made an awesome aside on the style page where peeps are encouraged to communicate ideas and comments with me directly via email and the Twit. I needed a vote of confidence from that gig and this has really helped boost my morale. I hope I get some responses!

Ok, now for some eye candy. Some recent purchases, some recent manis. As always, enjoy!

As you can see, even without my stack o’ receipts, I have not been skimping in the shopping department. DUH.

Farewell for now, Pose-rs!

PS. hope you like the new theme.


PoseCity xo.