All you need is love [and Internet access].

Current status: overwhelmed by the Internets! Is there a love more pure, more vast than one for the world wide web? Behold!

I saw this pic of girl crush Ashlee Simpson-not Wentz on and swooned, so I was thrilled that NYLON picked up on it and dubbed her worthy of a “Best Dressed” post.

I obviously realize that this look is a bit fugs and that approx. 2% of women worldwide can actually pull off such teensy shorts, but I really like her style these days and especially the ballsy blonde pixie cut. It’s clearly a nod to Sienna Miller nodding to Ms. Sedgwick’s look of the Factory era,  and for that, I am unable to resist. Did that make sense?

Moving on. There are couture shows going on somewhere right now- Paris, I think- but I haven’t been keeping up as closely as I have in the past. All I know is that the few shows I have looked at have been amazing…
Elie Saab, Fall Couture 2011:

View the whole collection via Elle magazine here. Sure, a lot of the looks start to blend together, but they all have this wonderful ice queen glittery fab thing going on that I love. The couture version of Queen Frostine from Candyland, if you will.

Also digging:
Giambattista Valli‘s regal cloak..

and pink belted dresses [could do without the turbans, personally]

Christian Dior‘s fantastical mix of bright colors and bold patterns [I know the house got mucho criticism for this show, but given the circumstances, I think it’s okay]…

So yeah, by “okay” I actually meant “awesome.” It’s true, I like these outfits. Please don’t hold it against me.

Interesting, unpredictable, a bit schizo; just what a couture show should be, no?

Thanks to Elle for the great coverage. Keep those slide shows coming!

Rounding out my Interwebz love fest is this shot, courtesy of the “wish this was my blog” blog, Man Repeller….

This was uploaded on the blog’s Twitter feed this morning and I instantly made it my computer background. There is beauty in the excess and whoever said to remove one accessory item before leaving the house was full of shiz! Plus, any glimpse of a Cartier Love bracelet sends my heart a racing, as you know.

Off the Internet and into real life now, I must share my most recent ring acquisition from BillyGoat Vintage:

Scored during my Sunday tour of NE Alberta, it’s one I bought for its uniqueness and “work of art” quality….aaaand that it is big and gold, let’s be honest. This piece was made by the shop owner, and my instincts tell me it was once a brooch or even an earring converted into a ring. Whatever the story, I’m glad it is mine now!

I finally got the chance to see betsy & iya‘s new line “The Music” in person during First Thursday at Radish Underground.

Sigh.. I really just need a silent funder for my life. I’ve enjoyed supporting and following the growth of betsy & iya ever since I had the opportunity to meet and interview Betsy last fall. I hope “The Music” is a rocking good success and that maybe someday I’ll own one of those badass colorful necklaces.

Internet love, Cartier love, jewel love. I’m feeling it, are you?

PoseCity xo.

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