Well Red.

My Pose-rs know that red is not my favorite color. It just doesn’t look good on me, a fact I blame on my skin tone and aversion to things like hot sauce, artificial cherry flavored candies, and Fruit Punch. I much prefer to dress in a neutral palate [aka black & blue] and let my accessories be the bold part of my look. But every once in a while, it shows up; on my nails or on a celeb’s amazing dress, and really makes me question my disdain.
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Look at these foxy ladies in red: Rachel Bilson in a lacy number by French Connection and Diane Kruger [#audiblesigh] in a saucy red dress, by YSL.

It’s good to have your views shaken every once in a while, especially if these two are involved. Reed more about Rachel’s “Best Dressed” status on Nylon Blogs; view more photos of Diane at Celebuzz.

File this post under:
“Things I’d Rather Do Than Pack & Go To Bed Early Before 6am Flight.”

PoseCity xo.

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