RMR on creative slumps

“This has happened to me at times in terms of preaching. You have written some wonderful pieces, but, as you are learning, every writer struggles with this. Although I’m not the baseball fan that Sarah is, the advice for hitters in a batting slump is to keep swinging—so writers keep writing.”
-Dad 06/20/11

Of course I’ve heard similar words before, but on that day, from him, they felt especially powerful. Thanks, Dad!

Also: I love this outfit. I have a major weakness for menswear on woman, and this jacket is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine [the structured shoulders are nicely balanced by the shiny fabric on the cuffs]. Am going to try my best to recreate this look. Thank you, Vogue, for the continued inspiration!

I am behind on nail pics, so here is one from a few days ago [left] and my current motif. I like these photos because they show a bit of what else I’m wearing- ring(s)- and help me remember what happened that particular day. While writing in my journal, I often wish for the ability to “upload” a picture- either of my current surroundings, outfit, or just something of interest- and then I realize “DUH” that’s why you have a blog [we all have our moments].

PoseCity xo.

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