Met Gala B & W.

The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art gala was Monday, May 2nd, and true to form, the event brought out just about every celebrity, model and/or designer on the planet. This year’s exhibition, Savage Beauty, celebrates the work of the late, great Alexander McQueen:

“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality.” -Alexander McQueen

What I wouldn’t give for a ticket to NYC to view this collection! My hope is that sometime waaaay down the road the exhibition will land itself in the Textile & Fashion Arts Gallery at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and I will get to see it then. Cross yer well-manicured fingers!

This shin-dig never ceases to amaze me at the caliber of celebrities it draws. Now that I work more closely with events, I could not imagine the logistics involved in catering to a roster of attendees that includes Madonna and Karl Lagerfeld. My guess is that would include a lot of room temperature San Pelligrino and white flower petals.

I digress. Let’s judge some fashion! All photos linked to source, you know how I do.


Peter & Maggie:
One of my favorite H’wood couples, so happy to see them looking great.
An amazing dress,  no accessories needed [besides man candy]

Diane & Pacey, er, Joshua:
Um WOWSA. If you’re going to wear a dress with a slit to the pelvic bone, you better bring it and Diane most definitely does. She is my best dressed of the night/year so far. Crushing hard. Thanks to Jason Wu for the lovely gown.

Another one, just because:

I’m not one for “matchy matchy” accents, but I love how her lipstick, nails and toenails are all the same shade of f@#k me red. Well done, Diane!

Emma Roberts:
Who knew?! The kid’s got style. The midriff cut-out on this dress is perfectly sexy without showing too much.

[aka a whole lotta fug, to quote a friend]

Naomi Campbell:
This makes me wanna throw a ginorm flip phone circa 2002 at someone!

Kristen Stewart:
Ill-fitting, unflattering print.

Freida Pinto:
I hate this dress. That’s all.

Mary-Kate Olsen:
WHAT IS THIS? A nightie? A moo moo? At least her sister took a risk. This is just plain yawn-inducing and ages her 10 years.

Andre Leon Talley:
Oh ALT, all devoted Vogue readers know about your struggles with weight. Why add bulk with this ridic tent thing? At least it has a train, which is sorta fab.

I’m forcing myself to stop there with the “worsts” as I could go on all night. But that is part of what I love about the Met Gala, it always showcases the highs and lows of fashion perfectly. I gotta give cred to everyone for wearing all this crazy shiz, as very few looks could be considered boring (besides yours, MK!!!) or thoughtless. Bravo to all!

A nail update from #5 before I sign off:

I know that I’ve been using lines a lot lately, but I just love them so much I can’t stop!

Hope you enjoyed my overview and feel free to share thoughts via comments [do it].

PoseCity xo.

3 Comments on “Met Gala B & W.”

  1. moa says:

    Feel free to package MKO up and send my way because we’ll need a Christmas/Holiday Tree this year – thanks!

  2. momma rose says:

    another great column about the highs and lows of fashion – i like your style of writing – words are so descriptive – dancing off the page and the hum0r in between makes reading fun xoxoxo

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