I’m still aliiiiiiiiive [cue the Pearl Jam].

[insert apology for being out of touch here]

I finally saw Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller, Vertigo. Portland has so many awesome theaters that replay old movies , ones that you think you’ll never get a chance to see on the big screen. Even better: most offer these viewings at a hella cheap rate ($4 last night), which increases my potential for enjoyment tenfold. I knew venturing out of #6 would improve my blue mood, plus I love Hitchcock films.. for the fashion of course, not necessarily for the plot [don’t act surprised].

The costumes in Vertigo were done by the legendary Edith Head, bow down, and definitely did not disappoint. I always try to picture myself in a time where people dressed the heck up no matter what they were doing. Women in heels, men in hats not of the baseball variety, I can’t decide if it would be my fashion dream or nightmare [no skinnies/flats/neon nail polish?!?].  Either way, it’s damn nice to sit back and take it all in- and by ‘it’ I mostly mean Kim Novak in this particular instance.

Babe-o-rama for sure. I’m bummed that I couldn’t find a photo of my favorite look of hers from the final sequence in the movie: a long-sleeved black dress with a deep v-neck worn with a badass pink & gold necklace [which happens to be a very important detail, wink].

Costumes aside, I did enjoy the movie, even with the hokey effects and James Stewart’s character going a little psycho (ahem) at the end, if you ask me. When trying to persuade Novak’s character to change her  hair color he remarks “as if it makes a difference to you.” Yeaaaaaah, women don’t care about their hair at.all.

All in all, two well-manicured thumbs up. And I mean it…

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Deets Please.

Man, Vogue is all the rage lately! Since the launch of  Voguepedia late last week, all I’ve wanted to do is write faux research papers about Carolina Herrera, et al. just so I could cite “Voguepedia” as a source [scholarly, right?].  A few days ago, I stumbled upon another gem on the magazine’s website: “Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl,” which I hope is pretty self-explanatory. If the archive is any indication, this isn’t a regular feature [dislike] but maybe with enough ‘clicks’ it will be- shoo, I know I’ve done my part to help!

 Clearly, these women have ginorm amounts of expendable income [no less than 3 Cartier Love bracelets spotted on any given click-through..must contain jealousy…] and can match fabulous bags with the finest textiles. However, while I obviously looooove the outfits/accessories, I’m most fond of the photographs and the spotlight they shine on the small accoutrements that can pull an outfit together. Such particulars can also serve to define the wearer, as I’m sure we all know someone who wears [insert repeated jewelry/accessory item here] everyday and it has become a staple of his/her look. I know I felt nekkid yesterday when I forgot the 3 or 4 bangles I always wear on my right wrist. My Vogue slideshow [photo shoot date TBA..] would definitely include a snap of said bracelets. [all lovely snaps courtesy of Vogue.com, natch]

I’ve always thought that true style is in the details- anyone can buy an outfit off a mannequin and wear it just fine- but not everyone can create a “look” as these women do day after day. Obviously, if I knew Vogue was going to be taking my photo for five days in a row, I’d bring it [after going shopping, maxing out credit card, etc.], but I also feel a genuine sense of moxie in each spread and I love how every slideshow has a few close-ups of the goodies that give the outfit flare [see: bright nails, stacked rings].

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! In what ways do you use details to enhance personal style?

OH, I almost forgot… NAIL TIME:
A co-worker remarked “birthday party” when she saw them today, a fitting description.
Signing off for this pose!

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Call Your Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who is far away in miles but always close in my heart. This is one of my favorite photos of her circa 1974. When I was younger, I loved it so much because I rarely saw my mom dressed up like this. She told me that, because of her tiny stature, the photographer asked her to stand on a stack of phone books to make the dress spread out. Post-Royal Wedding, she was quick to point out that Kate Middleton’s dress had lace sleeves just as hers did. This observation is funny to me and my family because my mom is absolutely unconcerned with fashion or trends personally, but always keeps up with news [via HuffPost Style, her favorite] as she knows how much I love it all.

To my mom, who is most definitely not my style icon, but is my “life icon” [new phrase, heard it here first!]: you are my example of true love and selflessness- thank you for your constant encouragement and patience. I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day, hope you enjoy that granola straight from Portland. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Also, breaking news: beloved #5 has been left [not so far] behind. PoseCity headquarters are now in #6.. UPGRADE! Feeling extremely scattered and overwhelmed, but soon all will be in place and party times can commence. WOOT!

Wishing all mothers a wonderful day.

PoseCity xo.

Red Carpet Commentary: Met Gala 2011 (via Stylust – The Official bebe Blog)

This is also a great wrap-up of Met goodness!
PoseCity xo.

Red Carpet Commentary: Met Gala 2011 Yesterday may have just been an average, any ole' Monday for the rest of the world, but for fashion it marked the 63rd annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—otherwise known as the Met Gala, and one of our absolute favorite red carpet events of the year! As per usual, the A-list in attendance did not disappoint. Who stepped out sartorially on top? Read on for all the deets as our PR Manager Alexis dishes on everything fro … Read More

via Stylust – The Official bebe Blog

Met Gala B & W.

The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art gala was Monday, May 2nd, and true to form, the event brought out just about every celebrity, model and/or designer on the planet. This year’s exhibition, Savage Beauty, celebrates the work of the late, great Alexander McQueen:

“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality.” -Alexander McQueen

What I wouldn’t give for a ticket to NYC to view this collection! My hope is that sometime waaaay down the road the exhibition will land itself in the Textile & Fashion Arts Gallery at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and I will get to see it then. Cross yer well-manicured fingers!

This shin-dig never ceases to amaze me at the caliber of celebrities it draws. Now that I work more closely with events, I could not imagine the logistics involved in catering to a roster of attendees that includes Madonna and Karl Lagerfeld. My guess is that would include a lot of room temperature San Pelligrino and white flower petals.

I digress. Let’s judge some fashion! All photos linked to source, you know how I do.


Peter & Maggie:
One of my favorite H’wood couples, so happy to see them looking great.
An amazing dress,  no accessories needed [besides man candy]

Diane & Pacey, er, Joshua:
Um WOWSA. If you’re going to wear a dress with a slit to the pelvic bone, you better bring it and Diane most definitely does. She is my best dressed of the night/year so far. Crushing hard. Thanks to Jason Wu for the lovely gown.

Another one, just because:

I’m not one for “matchy matchy” accents, but I love how her lipstick, nails and toenails are all the same shade of f@#k me red. Well done, Diane!

Emma Roberts:
Who knew?! The kid’s got style. The midriff cut-out on this dress is perfectly sexy without showing too much.

[aka a whole lotta fug, to quote a friend]

Naomi Campbell:
This makes me wanna throw a ginorm flip phone circa 2002 at someone!

Kristen Stewart:
Ill-fitting, unflattering print.

Freida Pinto:
I hate this dress. That’s all.

Mary-Kate Olsen:
WHAT IS THIS? A nightie? A moo moo? At least her sister took a risk. This is just plain yawn-inducing and ages her 10 years.

Andre Leon Talley:
Oh ALT, all devoted Vogue readers know about your struggles with weight. Why add bulk with this ridic tent thing? At least it has a train, which is sorta fab.

I’m forcing myself to stop there with the “worsts” as I could go on all night. But that is part of what I love about the Met Gala, it always showcases the highs and lows of fashion perfectly. I gotta give cred to everyone for wearing all this crazy shiz, as very few looks could be considered boring (besides yours, MK!!!) or thoughtless. Bravo to all!

A nail update from #5 before I sign off:

I know that I’ve been using lines a lot lately, but I just love them so much I can’t stop!

Hope you enjoyed my overview and feel free to share thoughts via comments [do it].

PoseCity xo.