Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York finally opened in Portland on April 15; I saw it on April 16th. What?! Y’all know I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now and the fickle spring weather defaulted to misty rain on Saturday afternoon, perfect for an indoor retreat at the movies. Part history lesson, part personal narrative, the documentary was everything I’d hoped for and more [free souvenir alert]. Bill is one-of-a-kind, an aging purist dedicated to his craft more so than anyone I’ve seen depicted on the “reporting side” of the fashion industry. He gets around town solely by bike, he is out until the wee hours covering all the great shin-digs for Evening Hours, one of two features he photographs for the New York Times weekly, he still loads film into his camera and chooses pictures based on critical examination of negatives- did I mention that the man is 80 years old?

Run, don’t walk…..biking is okay… see this film if you care at all about street fashion and/or photography- and especially see it if you are a fan of Mr. Cunningham’s work. It reveals a man who is endearing in his kindness and simplicity, and immensely talented in his attention to detail and devotion to his job, which has become his entire life.

If you’re in PDX, Living Room Theater is currently showing the film and hopefully still offering free buttons to show your love for Bill around town [just make sure it goes with your outfit]. Anna’s are quite sharp in their observations, eh? WINK.

Cheers to the picture shows! Three cheers and a big bear hug to Bill Cunningham.

PoseCity xo.

2 Comments on “Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York”

  1. kellina says:

    Love Bill! Thanks so much for the link to my site, I have linked to you too.

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