Where there’s a will(iam) there’s a way.

Happy Wedding day (still I think?) to William & Kate! I love me an over-hyped event and good Lord, what a spectacle! I did not stay up to view the nuptials due to feeling crummy, but I admit that I went straight to my computer when I woke up to view the photos. And oh man, were there ever photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen coverage like this for a strictly pop culture event. As a recent Twatter convert, the amount of Tweets tagged #RoyalWedding was a bit overwhelming. I simply cannot fathom the amount of pressure on those two people [who are pretty much the same age as me] and somehow from what I’ve seen, they both look cool, calm and collected- not to mention impeccably dressed. Dare I name it, could it be…. love?!

A few of my favorite snaps so far, all linked to source:

I loooove this one, my absolute favorite so far- probably because I have a sister who I know I would need thisclosetome throughout the entire event, and I love how Pippa is beaming at Kate whilst helping with her dress. I really like Pippa’s dress [note the tiny buttons down the back, swoon!], but am surprised that it is white.

Speaking of dresses, I must gush over Kate’s choice of Alexander McQueen for her big day. After McQueen’s death in February 2010, I was anxious to see how his successor Sarah Burton would continue a brand that was so distinctly characterized by its designer. This is truly a classically beautiful dress and prominently features lace, my favorite feminine detail. I’m happy that she chose a female, British designer and that they were able to keep this collaboration hush hush. Kate as a capital F, capital I, Fashion Icon is a bit safe for my liking [except when she wears those dramatic hats!] and could pass as Britney Spears’ brunette, emotionally stable relative- am I totally alone on that one?- but again, I cannot comprehend the pressures and expectations of a role such as the one she ‘officially’ took on today. Paging Royal Doctor: Bring on the Xanax!

Reed more about the Middleton/Burton dress alliance courtesy of Vogue.com here.

Oh and I guess I should include at least one shot of the dude involved in this union, as I do love all his man-bling:

Twice as nice- goes for smooches, but hopefully not marriages. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Okay back to Rose City reality [does that mean I have to acknowledge the Blazers loss? Boo, hiss]: Stateside, I’ve been very bizzy covering my theme o’ the week: NUDITY! Needless to say, after writing about my first Naked Shopping Spree experience at Red Light on Sunday and attending my first Nekkid Lady Party clothing swap at Golden Rule last night, I am a bit hot and bothered here in #5. I must share some of my findings from the swap, as it was so much fun and motivated me to get rid of some shiz. I took two heaping bags of clothes and came home with only one, not stuffed to the brim might I add. WIN. All photos by yers truly.

The pile at the beginning of the evening:
Two purses, two scarves that are newly mine:

And if I ever decide to cook, this adorbs apron will be quite fitting! If not, maybe working it as a skirt over skinnies, thoughts?
I know that such swaps are not a new occurrence, but this being my first one, I am still so giddy over the whole idea. Each time a new lady entered the room, I felt my animalistic instincts kick in, my body wanting to strategically position itself as to have the ideal first view of the new items on the pile. Everyone was so pleasant and complimentary of each other. Added perk: all clothing not snatched up by the end of the weekend will be donated to a charitable organization. Thank you so much to the Golden Rule gang for being such wonderful hostesses. I cannot wait for the next one.

All in all, a great week for fashion in PDX, as usual. I love that there is always something going on in this fair city, often times that something is free or at the very least accessible to the masses. Looking ahead, I am very excited to attend the Modified Style Fashion Show on Sunday as a volunteer. Hopefully it will be the subject of my GalTime article for the week. Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with plenty of nakedness! Hey, just keeping with the theme here. Now excuse me, I must drive off into the horizon in my Aston Martin. PEACE OUT.

PoseCity xo.

Sunday Best.

Happy Easter PoseCity Reeders!

Yes, that is an actual photo taken by me. My sweet mother upped the style factor in my Easter basket by including a few fashion magazines AND BY PUTTING OUTFITS ON MY PEEPS! Nothing says “He has risen” like a Peep [Fashion] Show. Amen!

Most of my memories of Easters past revolve around what dress I wore to church. My mom sewed a lot of my holiday attire as a kid and Easter was an especially crucial Sunday to have the right dress, the one that would get all the compliments, all the “Look at yous!” from the old geezers. I am equal parts disappointed and relieved that photos documenting my Easter looks are far far away from me right now or else I would definitely share a few. Bravo to my mother for catering to my bizarre requests, which included a year when I demanded bloomers to wear under my dress [during my long standing Little House on the Prairie phase].

I am grateful for those times and for the way fashion fits into my memories. Having a reason to dress up is still one of my most favorite aspects of holidays, occasions, etc. Which ohso conveniently segues into my latest dress acquisition, win!

Yesterday I attended a wedding, the epitome of a dress up event, and the freakishly nice weather threw my outfit planning for a loop. Not that I minded a) the sunshine or b) the excuse to shop for a new ensemble. With time running out, I headed to Magpie [no website, obnox], an always dependable shop downtown on SW 9th. Within 10 minutes, I was in, tried on a versatile blue dress, bought it for $20, and was off sprinting up Burnside to get home in time to get ready. I felt rushed assembling my look, but it turned out alright. Behold:

It looks so boring on the hanger and if I weren’t afraid of it scaring me in the night, I’d seek out a dress mannequin for makeshift photo seshes. For now, bear with me. Polyester is great because it flows so nicely and is generally a flattering material for a dress cut like this; it is not so great because it is often see-through, and isn’t exactly silky soft on the skin. I paired it with a vintage slip and the gold belt I bought at Little Edie’s last week and voila, outfit done. The wedding was beautiful and sweet and tear-inducing.. in other words, perfect.

Another item from this week to share is this lovely blue wrap-around robe, rescued and hand-dyed by my friend Kate. The lace applique on the shoulders is my favorite detail. The robe hits just above the knee and will be great for layering over slips for a fancier look, as well as over black skinnies and a tank for a more casual vibe. Thank you, KMV!  Check out her Etsy site, Joyelement, where she will be adding more wares very soon [pleeeeeeeease].

So many song lyrics referencing the color blue are going through my head right now. I’m clearly in a phase, thank you risen Jebus that it is not of the Laura Ingalls Wilder sort this time, wink!

One more snap for yer PEEPers before darting off to your respective egg hunts:

Have a very Happy Easter one and all!

PoseCity xo.

Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York finally opened in Portland on April 15; I saw it on April 16th. What?! Y’all know I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now and the fickle spring weather defaulted to misty rain on Saturday afternoon, perfect for an indoor retreat at the movies. Part history lesson, part personal narrative, the documentary was everything I’d hoped for and more [free souvenir alert]. Bill is one-of-a-kind, an aging purist dedicated to his craft more so than anyone I’ve seen depicted on the “reporting side” of the fashion industry. He gets around town solely by bike, he is out until the wee hours covering all the great shin-digs for Evening Hours, one of two features he photographs for the New York Times weekly, he still loads film into his camera and chooses pictures based on critical examination of negatives- did I mention that the man is 80 years old?

Run, don’t walk…..biking is okay…..to see this film if you care at all about street fashion and/or photography- and especially see it if you are a fan of Mr. Cunningham’s work. It reveals a man who is endearing in his kindness and simplicity, and immensely talented in his attention to detail and devotion to his job, which has become his entire life.

If you’re in PDX, Living Room Theater is currently showing the film and hopefully still offering free buttons to show your love for Bill around town [just make sure it goes with your outfit]. Anna’s are quite sharp in their observations, eh? WINK.

Cheers to the picture shows! Three cheers and a big bear hug to Bill Cunningham.

PoseCity xo.

Eyecon(s): Louise Brooks & Clara Bow

Yes, this Eyecon post is plural and devoted to two ladies from the era of Prohibition and multiple strands of pearls. Prompted by this HuffPost Style feature, I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday gazing at photos of flapper fashion and reading up on the movement itself. In its time, “flapper” was a somewhat derogatory term for a fun-loving, rising hem-line wearing, booze drankin’ young woman. A woman who went against the status quo, who danced and smoked and probably did her fair share of barney-mugging [yes Imma make you click on that link for a definition]. Now days, it conjures up images of overdone Halloween costumes and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly in Chicago, neither of which are nearly as fabulous as this pair of trendsetters.

The epitomes of flapper chic, the photos I found of Ms. Brooks and Ms. Bow are almost eerily on trend in 2011. While at times decadently accessorized with beading and/or sparkly jewels, the clothes themselves were made for well, partying. For dancing and drinking and the kicking up of heels, all while still looking fancy. There is an ease and effortlessness to the luxe dresses and bobbed hairstyles of the flapper era, which is difficult to replicate in today’s often go-go-go pace of life. Let’s raise a glass of [legal] bubbly to these two beauties and their eyeconic style which is still referenced nearly 100 years later. Enjoy!
[all photos linked to source]

Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985)

Striking a sexy pose in this sailor-inspired number: Who knew hot pants have been around for so long?!
Predicting the somewhat perplexing hair turban trend, proving that fashion is indeed cyclical and that Ashley Olsen is fab:

                      Inspiring this September 2010 Vogue cover featuring Halle Berry:


Clara Bow (July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965)

Advocating for all of us big haired ladies:

Influencing Drew’s look:

Demonstrating the cute and sporty advantages of the one-piece suit:


Bravo ladies, PoseCity thinks yer the bee’s knees.

PoseCity xo.

Wise Words.

In a stack of articles, xeroxed by my mom and sent to me via snail mail, she included a page containing only a lone quote. She knew I would like and identify with it and for that reason [plus a bazillion others],  I am one lucky daughter.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

– attributed to Yves Saint Laurent

How ohso astute YSL, RIP!
I have no idea what magazine the page came from or even if YSL ever said these words, but I do know that this quote reminds me that individuality is why I love fashion so much. It is difficult for me to imagine some of the most iconic frocks on mannequins, simply because they have become famous due in large part to the woman inside. To the left is one of my all-time favorite dresses, we’re talking Top 5 ever here. But I honestly don’t think it would work on anyone else, in any other time period. Anjelica Huston gave life to this emerald green drapery, made it a “look” to remember. Her smile, her hair, her choice of jewels, her pose are what make the dress so memorable.

Similarly, I hear this quote ringing true in many cinematic moments. Could you really picture any of Grace Kelly’s to-die-for dresses in Rear Window looking as divine on someone else?! NO… unless of course that person is me, natch.

The clothes don’t make the woman, the best ones just enhance the contents of the package. Wink!

PoseCity xo.

Post Script: I hope you all dig the new layout! Mucho thanks for the collaborative effort, PBCee.


Plan B [which beats Plan A, and is still golden]

Another successful trip to Little Edie’s Five & Dime today! As I’ve written before, Little Edie’s is one of my go-to shops for thrifting. Truth be told, my end-of-event retail therapy sesh goal today was to acquire these:

Photo cred: theshoedish.com

I envisioned them as the perfect reward at the end of a demanding few weeks at work. Alas, Nordie downtown did not have my size, or any size for that matter, boo hiss,  in the glittery gold version of this popular slip-on. [Sidenote: I don’t see many around town so who the fuzz is snapping up all of them?! Tweens? Vampires? I’d sure like to know.] My army green TOMS are well-loved and I’ve been wanting another, flashier, alternative for months. I may take to the interwebz to get my pair, I may just wait it out and check a few other locations around town. Needless to say, I walked home in the rain, tired as balls, dejected that my reward plan was foiled.

ENTER: Little Edie’s!
Stopped in today totally on a whim after checking out Milepost 5 for my GalTime article this week. As a part of their “grand opening weekend,” Milepost 5 advertised a free writing workshop and I figured it sure as shiz couldn’t hurt, plus I’ve been wanting to check out this self-proclaimed “Community for Creatives” for a while now. On my way home, I was zoning out like ya do on the highway [JK, mom!], and I realized I could swing by Little Edie’s quite conveniently if I took the next exit. DONE and oh yes that’s right DONE. Behold my findings:

I still cannot believe this purse score. It sat in a case that was new since my last visit and I noticed it en route to the register. I struck out in the garment department, yes even with the $1 bin on my side, so I picked up the gold belt [keeping with the color theme of the day] and was going to be on my merry way when I saw “it” behind the glass. It looked luxe, vintage Gucci-esqe, and definitely out of my spending range even though I know Little Edie’s keeps prices low. I opened the flap to reveal the price, $11, and I let out an audible squeal. It would be mine! Such a glorious [and rare] shopping moment when desire and reality meet so perfectly. Another prosperous venture to one of my favorites.
Now currently in need of night out to debut purse. Hmm….

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. And to those of you in the great state of Oregon, keep those poses extra flashy; we could all use some light amongst the gloom!

PoseCity xo.