Older comma wiser comma sassier.

HELLO! It has been too long since a reg post, although I must say that ’30 Days of Jewels’ is keeping me quite busy and adorned. I am loving the challenge and posting something on here everyday. I also took one small step for most bloggers/one GIANT leap for me in posting the link to my challenge on my Facespace page. In the past I’ve wanted to keep my blog so private that only my dear sweet mother knew of this site. But I’m slowly and slightly  more surely growing out of that phase. I attended a “Women in Media” panel talk back in November put on by Siren Nation and listened as if I were a sponge, trying desperately to absorb all the wisdom from the intelligent ladies in front of the room. A few quotes that still ring in my mind were from S. Renee Mitchell, a journalist who has been writing many years for various media outlets: “Do not wait for permission. Create your own space for your words. Study others. Be a writer in whatever format that suits you. What you have to say is important.” Ok, sounds easy enough right?! WRONG. Exuding such confidence and trust in your own skills is often difficult for me, especially because I have no “formal” journalism training [unless you count high school Journalism class, in which I mostly scribbled notes back and forth to ALT between gazes at my crush du jour]. However, the more I write, the more confidence I build and the more I want to share. Like I said, it has been a slow process, but one that is progressing nonetheless.

So, moving on… tunage for this musing is courtesy of Morphine. I shamefully admit I just learned of this band a few weeks ago, very embarrassing for someone who considers 90s music her forte. I am digging them so much. Plus, it is good for my ears to have a hiatus from Sonic Youth every once in a while…

I had a sort of monumental week, turning one year older on Monday, March 7th, having another article for GalTime posted on Thursday and realizing that PoseCity is now officially six months old.

Can I get some Funfetti or something up in here?! Shoo. It is nice to feel some personal achievement as professionally, I find myself lacking more and more in the motivational department (it’s right down the hall from Human Resources). My mind is never totally present unless I am writing, which of course is great when I can, but very distracting when I cannot. And to be fair, I am easily diverted even when I am writing… damn you, Interwebz!!! [jay-kay, I love you!! Don’t ever leave me] Speaking of, so much goodness to get a sharin.’

In addition to being monumental, it was also a week where I sent myself link after link, hoping to find time in the often referenced “later” to actually reed more. Some that I have gotten through and I’d like to post:

Fashion as Participatory Culture: Sent to me by my esteemed Guest Poster PBC, this article explores how people interact with fashion by following trends as well as still wanting to assert individuality. It also discusses the often debated nonexistent copyright laws in fashion and whether or not manufacturers have the right to claim stake over a particular design. “I’ve realized that people interact with fashion in a hugely diverse number of ways…. fashion has ALWAYS been a remix culture. The point of fashion IS the remix.” I agree wholeheartedly with the writer here. The video posted in the article expands upon the idea that the lack of copyright protection feeds innovation within the many facets of the fashion industry, a notion that even fashion bloggers are helping to assert [holler].

Twice as Nice: Might I introduce “The Olsen Style,” a Tumblr site sent to me by my California Babe/Fellow Olsen Aficionado MCB. The blog simply posts photos from across the web of the twinsies as a pair or separately looking ohso maaaahvelous. Some are candid, some are from photo shoots, all make me giddy like Michelle Tanner on Christmas morn.



Marc-y Marc and the iTunes Bunch : Also celebrating this past week was Marc Jacobs, who marked the 10th anniversary of his Marc by Marc Jacobs line with a party [duh] and also by releasing this fun playlist to honor “artists that have inspired our past ad campaigns and set the tone for our runway shows.” I learned about this by way of NYLON’s Facebook page and with my aforementioned music standby appearing as Track Numero Uno, how could I not show some love? Just further proves my theory that people/things/fashion lines ‘born’ in March are superior.

Ending on a high note, this post comes to a close. Hope you all are having a stylish weekend. Much love.

PoseCity xo.


2 Comments on “Older comma wiser comma sassier.”

  1. ripcitydad says:

    Happy Blogaversarry!
    Keep it up, and go Rip City!

  2. Alyssa says:

    holy shiz gurl, we are MFEO (catch that sleepless in seattle reference), i love me some MKA (always have, always will).
    funfetti all around, happy blogosphere birthday.

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