Oscars B & W.

PoseCity Oscar Judgement…GO!
[All photos courtesy of instyle.com]

MW: Simply Perfect
MK: Lovely in Lavender
CB: Takes a Risk and Wins

I was surprised at how much I loved Michelle’s look, especially after her “W” at the GG’s. This is how minimalism can work well at a fancy event. Jennifer Lawrence bored me; Michelle knocked my Frye’s off. Mila was a vision in feminine charm, rocking a color that was neither predictable nor Easter egg-y as pastels can sometimes be. Cate’s only consistency is her penchant for unique, high fashion gowns. She is always interesting to look at and hate it or love it [50 Cent?], at least she gave your party something to discuss between awkward Franco moments.

Bravo on your PoseCity “B” ladies!

NK: Unflattering/Boring
PC: Holy Hooters
ML: Too Much Goin’ On

Oh mah lordy. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction… or something scientific like that… and these three are the fashion personification of that rule. Even so, there were not any looks that I would categorize as total disasters.* Nicole is never a favorite, but this in particular is troubling. How can you make such a slender robot look hip-heavy?! Sheesh. I hate the color, the tapestry detail and the red shoes. Penelope, the world knows you just had a baby, put those things away! Yes, they look amazing, but the Oscars is not the time/place, daahhling. Plus, I think it looks cheap and very 80’s in a bad way. Melissa had one of the worst acceptance speeches [f bomb, really?!] and looks as if she draped herself in doilies left over from Valentine’s Day. Uggg… way too busy for such a tiny frame. I do like elements of this dress, but the print all over is overwhelming.

*dennoutes the “Helena Bonham Carter” clause: Said actress is left out of all PoseCity     B &W discussions. I think she is beautiful and fascinating, but there’s just so much that could be said about her fashion choices that I feel omission is necessary to make room for others. I do hope you understand.

There you have it, mah deers! I apologize for the delay, but better late than out of style.

Before I jet off, I want to share a few images from my weekend…
Had a fun shopping excursion which led me to this sign/new life motto:

Photo cred: iPoseCity

And I must also share a snap of my nails, of which I am quite proud:

Photo cred: iPoseCity

PoseCity Nail Salon…. small biznass loan pending!

Judging is fun, but let’s be honest- all those women are amazingly beautiful and should be applauded for putting in the extraordinary amount of effort it must take to compose a look for the Academy Awards. Thank you to Hollywood for Awards Season 2k11!

Much Love, as per usual.

PoseCity xo.


One Comment on “Oscars B & W.”

  1. apt#3 says:

    Got to go with J-Hud as a “total disaster.” I believe her and Dwight Howard have the same stylist (see post below for photo). Agree that Cate’s look is interesting, but then again she could make anything look great. I applaud her dress for being completely original for the red carpet and I tend to like it. I just cannot get past the fact that the giant circular space on it looks like a KY Derby jersey.

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