Haven’t we all desired a little of what this song is about from time to time? I know I’m coming off a few weeks where I’d like to numb my insides for a while just to not feel so goshdarn much. Stress, pressure, anxiety, can all weigh on one’s soul and taking a time-out sounds quite alluring. But I suppose that’s where outlets come into play, a way to escape momentarily. And since I’m pecking away at one of mine, let’s get to da news!

Shhh…what’s that you hear?! Noooo, not the buzzing from the hip kids huddled around their iMacs debating which song off The King of Limbs is their new faaaaaaaavorite [although that certainly is legitimate noise pollution in the Rose City since Friday]. It’s actually a quiet, a lull after the last chair has been folded up and the last spotlight dimmed. Fashion Week is over. Tear!

NYT’s Cathy Horyn on NYFW: part one, part two
Two nice videos narrated by her highness to encapsulate the week (1) and offer insights on specific designers (2). Annoyed that NYT vids cannot be embedded. Grrrr…

A mega cute snap of Mick Jagger playing oh so supportive BF at his lady L’Wren Scott’s show:

Photo cred: nytimes.com/pages/fashion

Who can blame him for wanting to capture a moment or two of his woman’s amazing collection?! Check it out here.

As far as the other shows, you know I recommend NYT for the best views. All shows are posted with the “Launch Big Photo” option, which allows for maximum zooming potential and the ability to move around the frame to see details like shoe buckles and blouse buttons as best as one can sitting 3,000 miles away. Luv!

In other news…

Jeggs go corporate: Hope boss in question isn’t lurking around MY place of employment.. [#heartbrokenwithoutmyjeggs]

Any relation to Edie?: Sedgwick is a super young brand started by two besties from Sedgwick County in Kansas [Spring Break 2011!!!!]. They had a tiny feature in February Elle and I was immediately drawn to the lacy clutch below.

Photo cred: sedgwickstudio.com

Y’all know how much I dig lace, espesh when used so uniquely as a handbag adornment. There isn’t a lot on the website in terms of product, although I did enjoy skimming their blog. A quick trip to Sedgwick’s Facebook features a “Fall 2010” album of amazing purses, as well as photos of other items I love such as: nail polish, cats and snow.
Wonder if they are currently accepting others into their BFF-verse?!

Photo cred:www.free-extras.com

Oh Pose-rs, our time together is through for this post. How I appreciate thee like a perfectly worn-in vintage shirt.

Numbers don’t lie: 9 outta 10 doctors agree, reeding PoseCity on the reg is essential for your non-novocained soul. And that 10th doctor had on fugly shoes anyway, WINK.


PoseCity xo.

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