Ms. Kool Thing

Introducing a new PoseCity feature: EyeCons!
[eye-con: icon, visually pleasing hero, YA DIG? Miso clever!]
I’ve been wanting to do brief highlights of ladies with enviable style for a while now, so hey, no time but the present to begin! I would love to feature more Guest Posts in this category, as inspiration is such a unique feeling.
Hint, hint/ wink, wink, don’t be shy my reeders!
First up: Kim Gordon

Yeah, she’s 57. Ms. Gordon is the ultimate self-assured rock chick. Listening to her songs with Sonic Youth is cathartic, revealing that under her perma-cool exterior she is totally relatable and dealing with many of the same insecurities as most females. Her approach to fashion allows for plenty of movement on stage, favoring dresses and sleeveless tops. All while managing to be age appropriate and sexy. Win!

Offstage, Ms. Gordon still keeps it simple, using bright color in place of bold accessories for a night out or publicity appearance.

Luvs it, KG!

More lady candy to come. Who inspires your fashion choices?

PoseCity xo.


2 Comments on “Ms. Kool Thing”

  1. Teets says:

    Don’t touch my brrrrrreast! Reminds me of summers in big blue listening to 100%

  2. apt#3 says:

    Agree agree agree on KG. I am inspired by another KG, Kevin Garnett. Must be something about the initials that can make one stylish. Is it okay to mention boys or is this a lady category only? If that is the case then I am eager to reed PoseCity’s take on Ms. Sarah Barthel.

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