Street SmART.

I watched a movie last night! I’ve previously explained why this is somewhat difficult for me to do outside of an actual movie theater, but last night I was in the mood to sloth out on the couch so I headed to hulu to weigh my options. Much to my surprise, Exit Through The Gift Shop was one of the first options I saw. After a glowing review from a trusted source, I decided my entertainment for the evening in record time.
[All vids from YouTube via the official movie site]

The trailer, which is pretty much the first 5 minutes of the film:

“Street Art was poised to become the biggest countercultural movement since punk…”

I am still not quite sure if what I saw was a documentary, a mockumentary (that’s a term, right?!), or a statement piece about what constitutes an artist. Perhaps a mix of all that. I really enjoyed the movie and lurved the images from the street artists. Film fanatic Thierry Guetta is a trip, ultimately ending up as the subject of the movie he set out to make about the birth of this counterculture movement. Elusive street artist known as Banksy becomes Guetta’s obsession until Banksy turns the camera on the filmmaker and his quest to become an artist in his own right.
Another clip from the film where Banksy explains why he allowed Thierry’s camera to follow him:

I actually would’ve preferred if the movie was entirely about Banksy, as I found him at times mega lame (the voice altering, the blacked out face, the hooded sweatshirt…really?!?) and mega sexy (the voice altering, the mysterious blacked out face, the hoodie!!!), but always interesting.

Anyhow, the film made me realize how much I love this art form, and how I’ve actually been capturing a lot of the street art I see in my day to day life for quite sometime.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

I gave a PoseCity shout-out to street art a while back because HuffPost Arts will often dedicate a slideshow to a city’s best wall adornment every once in a while as they do in this feature about Los Angeles. Always a favorite click-through.

Check out the movie if you are in the market for a visually pleasing documentary. One more image, from the master himself, before I sign off:

Take notice of the art around you, I’m sure it is there!

PoseCity xo.

One Comment on “Street SmART.”

  1. glad you enjoyed! Such an unexpected turn in that movie– we should chat about it!

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