Don’t Fear the Couturier.

Here’s a sweet tune that has been played on the reg in #5. My first memory of the band Travis is from high school, right around the time Coldplay’s Parachutes came out and introduced a British invasion for the new millennium. Chris Martin was on the cover of some music magazine with his face surrounded by quotes from the interview, one of them as I recall was “We’re not Travis!” [another favorite of ours at the time: “I thought I was gay!” Paging Gwynnie]. This declaration of difference led me to check out the band Coldplay sought to distance itself from. Aaaand thus I learned that Travis is better. Snap!

I must begin by directing you lovely reeders to my first post as a guest writer! Stepping away from my Pose-y persona [it does happen on occasion], I am talking tea over at GarbanzoGreen. You can read my Tea Time Guest Post here and behold my beautiful new GOLD TRIMMED tea cup and saucer below! Gone are the days of tea as a stuffy ritual for the Monarchy. My hot beverage heart belongs to coffee, but tea is a close second and a great all-day drank. Mucho thanks to Ms. GG for her support and the post opportunity.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

On to the newz:
Can I get an OMFG?! So much going on in the Fashion Universe!! It is quite overwhelming. The Spring Haute Couture shows in Paris have come to a close yesterday and I’ve enjoyed heading over to NYT: Fashion & Style, as per usual, to get the best recaps of all the dreamy duds. I must say that the Dior show blew my dear little mind. I just barely brought up the shows with a coworker last night and she immediately mentioned John Galliano’s latest work as her stand-out favorite. I couldn’t agree more! One particular look I cannot get out of my head:

I, guh, gah, ghasdklh;da;sdlkhg. As Ms. Zoe would say, “I die for this dress.” More on the Dior show via Ms. Cathy Horyn here.

Another favorite is from Givenchy, a show comprised of entirely Asian models:

These images are so beautiful and the detail work on the garments is awe inspiring- so makes me wish I could see/touch clothes of this quality in person. That is what couture is all about, afterall: the grandness, the over-the-top presentation, the “who would ever wear that” reactions. LOVE IT ALL. A great slideshow of various designer’s Spring 2011 Couture offerings here.

DVF, FTW: This article is a few days old, but a nice quick write up about Ms. Von Furstenberg. I so admire her as a female role model:

“Diane has made stepping stones of strength and independence, deciding early in life that she was always going to drive her own bus and financially support her own lifestyle.

And for heaven’s sake, look good driving that bus, baby! #beepbeepbeepbeepYEAH

Until next time, Couture dreams to all of you!


PoseCity xo.

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