Nail & bail…but be sure to tip!

The return of music! YAY MUSIC! Mega sweet luv song, plus the “he” in the song is wise enough to call attention to his lady’s “amazing dress”… take note fellas! LIKE.

Great video/article about one of my favorite topics in da world: JEWELRY. Carol Woolton, jewelry editor at British Vogue, discusses the link (pun intended I’m sure) between culture and accessories. “The way we live and current interests, trends, happenings, fashion, art, architecture are all embedded in jewlery design and I think that a well designed piece of jewelry encompasses all of that, the decorative arts of the time.” Well said, Ms. Woolton, needs you an assistant by chance?!

I hate being wrong, but after seeing the photo below, I am reassessing my declaration of Nicki Minaj as “one to watch.” Can you blame me?!?! Oh well, at least she is interesting. PoseCity jury is still out.

Photo cred: duh

For reasons I’m still unsure of, I was not officially LIKING Marc Jacobs on Facespace until yesterday- and I call myself a fashion blogger, pshhhh! All is amended and my fandom has already been rewarded tenfold as MJ’s peeps keep his page updated with photos and videos on the reg. An early favorite:

Photo cred:

Which convienetly leads me to my next link luv. My job has united me with my interwebz soulmate, a person who loves the just as much as I do. He sends a steady stream of viral gems my way each day, but this one featuring WAH Nail Salon is his best find thus far.

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Le sigh… I could keep posting photo after photo I’m so in lust. Spring Break 2K11: LONDON?! Nails. Nails. Nails.

And finally, an ode to a POSE via this photo montage from Bill Cunningham of NYT’s city style bible, On the Street. As if I could resist!

Photo cred:

Get chu some Loubies and strike one all your own. That’s yer homework for the week, WINK.

PoseCity xo.


3 Comments on “Nail & bail…but be sure to tip!”

  1. Moa says:

    So I’m thinking you, me, a bottle of bubbly and trying to knock out some of those works of art on our nails, ya down?!

  2. E says:

    But…but…Caligula’s Tomb!!!

    I hearts you.

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