GG Best & Worst, briefly.

Best: Ms. Tina Fey/Liz Lemon in L’Wren Scott

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Worst: Ms. Michelle Williams in Valentino

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Really, there were so many who belong in the “worst” category that I could fill a whole post devoted to them. The Oscars better bring it, as the GGs set the bar so low I’d be impressed with something one or two steps above this:

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And that’s sayin somethin my dears! *shudder*

That’s all for tonight, am too distracted by FLOTUS in AMcQ at the China State Dinner. Mind blown, yet again and I don’t even like red! Michelle 2012.

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Don’t let the Fashion Force tilt towards the dark side! Get yer beauty zzzz’s.


PoseCity xo.

One Comment on “GG Best & Worst, briefly.”

  1. Wowser- Michelle looks like royalty!

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