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Hi dears! A schedule shift has left me with a few hours in the AM and I’m feeling very image overwhelmed as I peruse the worldwideweb. Must share my findings! Must crank up more Led Zep! Must make more coffee! Weeeeeeeeeee! Enjoy this video performance from 1969. It needs no intro/explanation.
[Except I would like to know why Mr. Plant is wearing mandals?!?]

I was perusing the Dec. 2010 InStyle last night and was blown away by these cuff bracelets worn in a photo shoot featuring actress Olivia Wilde (seen below, on her right wrist in the first photo, on both in the second). The jewelry designer is Aurelie Bidermann and I think I’m in love. Check out her website and be amazed.

Awards Season is nigh! I obvi cannot wait. I have not heard the typical buzz regarding the actual films in contention, so I’m hoping that the fashion will really stand out this year. Here are two slideshows to ahem, get you in the mood:

Peeps Predicts what the stars will wear: Such a fun click through and some really great suggestions. I want the job of assembling such features. kthanksbye

HuffPost takes a look back: The GGs are the kick-off to the season and the looser, more laid back (drunker?) version of the Academy Awards.

Always make time for some ridicule:

Photo cred:

Chloe wrapped herself in the picnic blanket. At least her lady bits are covered. Shame.

Photo cred:

I think we can all agree that such hair raising don’ts should be left to Ms. Gaga. She’s really the only one who can attempt to pull it off.

Photo cred:

Paging NASA! ‘Galaxy’ as a print should just not happen. It’s science.

Let’s end on a high note:

Photo cred:

Sigh… by far my favorite image of the day/week/month. Rumor has it that the stylin Mr. Stoudemire will be collaborating with Rachel Roy on a fashion line set to debut later this year. There’s nothing about that union that I don’t like. Win!

Hope you enjoyed this morning’s serving of visual vitamins. Feeding the Fashion Soul is OBVIOUSLY part of a balanced diet.


PoseCity xo.

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