Good vs. Evil

The Fashion Goddesses are ohsofickle sometimes. You think you know someone and then they go and do this:

Photo cred:

Now I’d like to think that Miss NatPo has better decision making skills than those demonstrated here. The woman graduated from Haaaahvad for chrissakes! Perhaps the powers that be are cursing her with horrible style in retaliation against the news of her pregnancy. Hey, if the punishment fits the crime…

Then Vicky B. better watch herself! Peeps breaks the news that The Beckham Bunch is gaining a member later this year… whether that “member” refers to yet another boy remains to be seen. Congrats, I loves me some VB.

I dunno bout you, but mine eyes could use a cleanse after that monstrosity above. Enter Leigh Lezark as a remedy!

Photo cred:

This photo is from a slideshow featuring “Winter Whites” [fan of]. I have a massive lady crush on LL so maybe I am bias, but I think she looks divine here. I have no proof, but my instincts tell me that this is Chanel she’s wearing. When in Paris….

Off to cheer on the hometown team this evening! Sports and style are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps more on this subject later.
Until then, say your Pose-y prayers nightly to keep them Goddesses happy. Or else you might just end up like poor Natalie, knocked up and wearing a gold trimmed trash bag. Hail, Mary!

PoseCity xo.

One Comment on “Good vs. Evil”

  1. Erik says:

    Ok: you gonna need to learn me why Nat’s gold-trimmed trash bag is somehow totally inferior to that other lady’s fancy chicken suit.

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