Don’t Fear the Couturier.

Here’s a sweet tune that has been played on the reg in #5. My first memory of the band Travis is from high school, right around the time Coldplay’s Parachutes came out and introduced a British invasion for the new millennium. Chris Martin was on the cover of some music magazine with his face surrounded by quotes from the interview, one of them as I recall was “We’re not Travis!” [another favorite of ours at the time: “I thought I was gay!” Paging Gwynnie]. This declaration of difference led me to check out the band Coldplay sought to distance itself from. Aaaand thus I learned that Travis is better. Snap!

I must begin by directing you lovely reeders to my first post as a guest writer! Stepping away from my Pose-y persona [it does happen on occasion], I am talking tea over at GarbanzoGreen. You can read my Tea Time Guest Post here and behold my beautiful new GOLD TRIMMED tea cup and saucer below! Gone are the days of tea as a stuffy ritual for the Monarchy. My hot beverage heart belongs to coffee, but tea is a close second and a great all-day drank. Mucho thanks to Ms. GG for her support and the post opportunity.

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On to the newz:
Can I get an OMFG?! So much going on in the Fashion Universe!! It is quite overwhelming. The Spring Haute Couture shows in Paris have come to a close yesterday and I’ve enjoyed heading over to NYT: Fashion & Style, as per usual, to get the best recaps of all the dreamy duds. I must say that the Dior show blew my dear little mind. I just barely brought up the shows with a coworker last night and she immediately mentioned John Galliano’s latest work as her stand-out favorite. I couldn’t agree more! One particular look I cannot get out of my head:

I, guh, gah, ghasdklh;da;sdlkhg. As Ms. Zoe would say, “I die for this dress.” More on the Dior show via Ms. Cathy Horyn here.

Another favorite is from Givenchy, a show comprised of entirely Asian models:

These images are so beautiful and the detail work on the garments is awe inspiring- so makes me wish I could see/touch clothes of this quality in person. That is what couture is all about, afterall: the grandness, the over-the-top presentation, the “who would ever wear that” reactions. LOVE IT ALL. A great slideshow of various designer’s Spring 2011 Couture offerings here.

DVF, FTW: This article is a few days old, but a nice quick write up about Ms. Von Furstenberg. I so admire her as a female role model:

“Diane has made stepping stones of strength and independence, deciding early in life that she was always going to drive her own bus and financially support her own lifestyle.

And for heaven’s sake, look good driving that bus, baby! #beepbeepbeepbeepYEAH

Until next time, Couture dreams to all of you!


PoseCity xo.

Nail & bail…but be sure to tip!

The return of music! YAY MUSIC! Mega sweet luv song, plus the “he” in the song is wise enough to call attention to his lady’s “amazing dress”… take note fellas! LIKE.

Great video/article about one of my favorite topics in da world: JEWELRY. Carol Woolton, jewelry editor at British Vogue, discusses the link (pun intended I’m sure) between culture and accessories. “The way we live and current interests, trends, happenings, fashion, art, architecture are all embedded in jewlery design and I think that a well designed piece of jewelry encompasses all of that, the decorative arts of the time.” Well said, Ms. Woolton, needs you an assistant by chance?!

I hate being wrong, but after seeing the photo below, I am reassessing my declaration of Nicki Minaj as “one to watch.” Can you blame me?!?! Oh well, at least she is interesting. PoseCity jury is still out.

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For reasons I’m still unsure of, I was not officially LIKING Marc Jacobs on Facespace until yesterday- and I call myself a fashion blogger, pshhhh! All is amended and my fandom has already been rewarded tenfold as MJ’s peeps keep his page updated with photos and videos on the reg. An early favorite:

Photo cred:

Which convienetly leads me to my next link luv. My job has united me with my interwebz soulmate, a person who loves the just as much as I do. He sends a steady stream of viral gems my way each day, but this one featuring WAH Nail Salon is his best find thus far.

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

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Le sigh… I could keep posting photo after photo I’m so in lust. Spring Break 2K11: LONDON?! Nails. Nails. Nails.

And finally, an ode to a POSE via this photo montage from Bill Cunningham of NYT’s city style bible, On the Street. As if I could resist!

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Get chu some Loubies and strike one all your own. That’s yer homework for the week, WINK.

PoseCity xo.

GG Best & Worst, briefly.

Best: Ms. Tina Fey/Liz Lemon in L’Wren Scott

Photo cred:

Worst: Ms. Michelle Williams in Valentino

Photo cred:

Really, there were so many who belong in the “worst” category that I could fill a whole post devoted to them. The Oscars better bring it, as the GGs set the bar so low I’d be impressed with something one or two steps above this:

Photo cred:

And that’s sayin somethin my dears! *shudder*

That’s all for tonight, am too distracted by FLOTUS in AMcQ at the China State Dinner. Mind blown, yet again and I don’t even like red! Michelle 2012.

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Don’t let the Fashion Force tilt towards the dark side! Get yer beauty zzzz’s.


PoseCity xo.

BCS=Best Championship Style

Yeah yeah, a little something called the Golden Globes happened on Sunday. I watched and judged and swigged bubbly. Be patient, you know my thoughts will be made public. However, I went on a sunshiney long weekend trip [hi MCB!] and am going to instead put the GGs on hold and introduce a PoseCity first: Guest Post!

My followers know that I am most interested in fashion as a form of expression, a way to communicate in a way different from spoken and written language. Case in point was my visit to the IMA over the holidays and my delight in seeing the Madeline Albright exhibit featuring accessories as a means of diplomacy during Ms. A’s years as Secretary of State [revisit post here].This idea can be seen in politics, in Hollywood and as I am learning, in the sports world. Crafting a look off the court/field/rink is just as important to the successful marketing of an athlete as his/her skills on the clock. I am a huge fan of the men and women in sports who care about looking good. Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure as shiz can buy some swanky duds!

So imagine my fascination with this year’s uber aesthetically pleasing University of Oregon football team. I am nothing if not a humble bloggie and I certainly know my limits. Therefore, I am turning over continuation of the sports fashion topic to our most revered guest poser, er, poster of the hour. Reed on and enjoy!

Oregon Ducks National Runners-Up, but #1 in fashion.

Hello PoseCity followers: A week ago, as a few of you that reside here in the Rose City might recall, a football game was played in Arizona.  It pitted our Ducks of the University of Oregon against the Tigers of Auburn University.  As you now know, Auburn won the game and BCS title on a last-second field goal kick.  This post has nothing to do with a dissection of the game, but more of a dissection of the fashion and culture of sport between two polar opposite programs.

NW vs. the South / Trend vs. Tradition / Innovation vs. Status Quo / UO vs. AU


Oregon finished behind Auburn on the scoreboard, but is the clear winner in the battle of sports fashion. No other athletic program in the country is more fashion and style oriented than the Oregon Ducks.  For those of you that don’t know, UO has the power of the Nike corporation behind it.

Its football program boasts 5 different uniform colors of which the combinations of helmet, jersey, and pants can be arranged in a billion different ways.  On this special night, the team received a color combination designed for the BCS title game only.  No stage is bigger in college football so why wear what you wore in Pullman WA???  It would be like Tom Hanks wearing his Cast Away wardrobe to the Oscars.  The day-glo yellow accents on the lettering and socks simply rocked.  The mixture of white and silver worked well and made the yellow really pop.  The new uni combo also introduced the numbering on the undershirt sleeves.  INNOVATIVE!!!

My favorite portion of the newest uniform are the detailed wings on the shoulder pads.  It looks like a detail off of a fashion brand such as Rock & Republic.  The type on the uniform is specific to Oregon only and is known as “Belotti Bold” (named after a former coach) and is tapered from top to bottom to accent the muscles of the players from top to bottom to make them more imposing.  The Oregon unis are a one of a kind in college football.  They make people talk.  The talk is sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, but they serve a purpose.  The BCS championship game is to college sports fashion what the Oscars are to red carpet fashion and in my humble opinion the UO unis were somewhere between hardcore traditional in manner of Tom Hanks:

and bat shit crazy (or BSC) like Mickey Rourke:

The Ducks are more like classy Mr. Jamie Foxx:

Totally non-tradtional and yet haven’t gone too far.

All in all, mega-props for arriving in style UO and making Auburn look, well what they are: old, southern and traditional, just like the women at the game sipping on cocktails in dresses and pearls that they bought in 1970.  I know if I were a recruit I’d want to go to UO just to see how they would outfit me.  Plus, all sorts of free swag from Nike!  In sum, Oregon was to Auburn what H&M is to Coldwater Creek.

For more on the Duck unis, go here.

And also be sure to visit the Oregonian photo blog from the BCS National Championship game here.

Until then pose-rs, this is your substitute blogger reminding you that in the world of sports it really isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you look competing.

[End Guest Post, Begin Applause]

PoseCity xo.

My My My.

Hi dears! A schedule shift has left me with a few hours in the AM and I’m feeling very image overwhelmed as I peruse the worldwideweb. Must share my findings! Must crank up more Led Zep! Must make more coffee! Weeeeeeeeeee! Enjoy this video performance from 1969. It needs no intro/explanation.
[Except I would like to know why Mr. Plant is wearing mandals?!?]

I was perusing the Dec. 2010 InStyle last night and was blown away by these cuff bracelets worn in a photo shoot featuring actress Olivia Wilde (seen below, on her right wrist in the first photo, on both in the second). The jewelry designer is Aurelie Bidermann and I think I’m in love. Check out her website and be amazed.

Awards Season is nigh! I obvi cannot wait. I have not heard the typical buzz regarding the actual films in contention, so I’m hoping that the fashion will really stand out this year. Here are two slideshows to ahem, get you in the mood:

Peeps Predicts what the stars will wear: Such a fun click through and some really great suggestions. I want the job of assembling such features. kthanksbye

HuffPost takes a look back: The GGs are the kick-off to the season and the looser, more laid back (drunker?) version of the Academy Awards.

Always make time for some ridicule:

Photo cred:

Chloe wrapped herself in the picnic blanket. At least her lady bits are covered. Shame.

Photo cred:

I think we can all agree that such hair raising don’ts should be left to Ms. Gaga. She’s really the only one who can attempt to pull it off.

Photo cred:

Paging NASA! ‘Galaxy’ as a print should just not happen. It’s science.

Let’s end on a high note:

Photo cred:

Sigh… by far my favorite image of the day/week/month. Rumor has it that the stylin Mr. Stoudemire will be collaborating with Rachel Roy on a fashion line set to debut later this year. There’s nothing about that union that I don’t like. Win!

Hope you enjoyed this morning’s serving of visual vitamins. Feeding the Fashion Soul is OBVIOUSLY part of a balanced diet.


PoseCity xo.

Short & Sweet.

“And the power of the fashion blogger grows.”: Best tagline ever?!

Love Story: An adorbs tale of Tom Ford and his partner of 24 f-ing years Richard Buckley, told from each of their points of view. Swoon!

Keeping Style Tabs on: Nicki Minaj

Photo cred:

She has the stand-out part in Kanye’s “Monster,” and is a fashion risk taker to say the least. Wig aficionado, too. “I can tell that we are going to be friends.” [White Stripes]

February InStyle came today (thanks, Mom!):

Photo cred:

NatPo is in dangerous overexposure territory in my opinion. I’m hoping this feature is more exciting than her January Vogue cover/snoozefest. And less “oh the horror” inducing than aforementioned gold trimmed trash bag [*shudder*].

Bye for now, loves. Stay cozy and always remember: Added layers call for added sass! Don’t let the fashion flame dim under all that insulation.

PoseCity xo.

Good vs. Evil

The Fashion Goddesses are ohsofickle sometimes. You think you know someone and then they go and do this:

Photo cred:

Now I’d like to think that Miss NatPo has better decision making skills than those demonstrated here. The woman graduated from Haaaahvad for chrissakes! Perhaps the powers that be are cursing her with horrible style in retaliation against the news of her pregnancy. Hey, if the punishment fits the crime…

Then Vicky B. better watch herself! Peeps breaks the news that The Beckham Bunch is gaining a member later this year… whether that “member” refers to yet another boy remains to be seen. Congrats, I loves me some VB.

I dunno bout you, but mine eyes could use a cleanse after that monstrosity above. Enter Leigh Lezark as a remedy!

Photo cred:

This photo is from a slideshow featuring “Winter Whites” [fan of]. I have a massive lady crush on LL so maybe I am bias, but I think she looks divine here. I have no proof, but my instincts tell me that this is Chanel she’s wearing. When in Paris….

Off to cheer on the hometown team this evening! Sports and style are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps more on this subject later.
Until then, say your Pose-y prayers nightly to keep them Goddesses happy. Or else you might just end up like poor Natalie, knocked up and wearing a gold trimmed trash bag. Hail, Mary!

PoseCity xo.