I’m baaack!

No, Lil Wayne lover, the post title is not a reference to one of the most retweeted Tweets of 2010 [link cred: EJJ], but rather an announcement of my return to the Rose City/the blogosphere! PUT YO HANDS IN THE AIR!!!

Hmmm.. let’s see: rain is pouring down loudly, #5 is cozy in candlelight and the tea kettle is putting in overtime. Yes, it feels good and familiar to be back. I have spent much of the day running errands and feeling slightly disoriented from travel, time change and minimal sleep. I also have roughly a zillion things on my mind, as per usual, which no doubt adds to feeling scattered. I have been digging on this song tonight, methinks it is rockin’ and sexy.

Aalsdkhgalksdhgaksldjg HAVE SO MUCH TO REPORT.
Going to start with some highlights from my PDX>IND trip:

  • Snow, cold weather, White Christmas
  • Our tree with old photos from Christmases past in lieu of ornaments
  • Going to the YMCA every morning with my mom and sister [my mother is quite the celeb there, everyone knows and loves her]
  • Talking fashion with a great friend who hates fashion [ALT]
  • Dancing to “Back that Ass Up”-yes, that’d be courtesy of Juvenile- with my sister at a bar in Broad Ripple
  • Attending Christmas Eve service, a special one for my family and I’m so grateful we were all together
  • Visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art [more on this tradition later]

Now onto some Pose-worthy items:

Marilyn + Jimmy: Ya know, I’ve been wondering all this time while perusing ad after ad in November and December magazines if Marilyn Minter had any influence on the current Jimmy Choo campaign. Well I am pleased to finally confirm my suspicions and report that she photographed the damn ads herself, no wonder they bear her “look.”Ms. Minter is one of my favorite artists and her aesthetic is definitely not subtle. Her sexy, often dirty (literally) approach is a nice contrast to Choo’s luxe 15th Anniversary collection. You know you’ve made it when you can step in liquid gold wearing $500 shoes, baby!

Madeline Albright, style icon?!: Not a typo. As aforementioned, I took a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art whilst home. It has become a tradition for my mom and I to check out the latest exhibits, with special emphasis always given to the Fashion + Textiles Gallery (which was still the same feature as when I was there in July, lame). This time we went primarily for Andy Warhol: Enterprises, but since my sister came along, it was more economical to become members (yay!), thus also granting us free admission into Read My Pins: The Madeline Albright Collection. Weee! Both exhibits are well worth the time and money (IMA offers free general admission, special exhibitions often cost), but the Albright collection was most impressive. Perhaps because I had low expectations going in (Ms. Albright does not exactly look the part of fashion statement maker), I was delighted with the story of how the flashy brooches she chose to adorn her otherwise plain ensembles became symbols for her intentions wherever her duties as Secretary of State took her [employed by Slick Willy, jealous!].

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

I loved looking at all the gorgeous jewels (as luck would have it, am in a bit of a pin phase myself) and learning about such a historically significant woman. Fashion as means of expression + powerful woman= LOVE. Way to go IMA, am proud to be a member!

Eye Candy:

Apparently Dita Von Teese is in the process of writing a beauty manual. Meh, don’t care, but this picture from the upcoming book is ridic!! Like!

Wishing you all a happy moment in time whenever you reed this.
Hope the week away wasn’t too much to bear! Reunited and it feels so foxy.

Much love.
PoseCity xo.

One Comment on “I’m baaack!”

  1. mapsandclocks says:

    It WAS too much to bear.

    But I liked my shout out 🙂

    You’re the foxiest.

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