It’s in the way that you use it.

CLAPTON IS GOD. And apparently always prepared, please note the spare cig tucked between guitar strings. Not usually a Phil Collins fan (thank you, sister), but I can tolerate if he’s getting it done on the drums for EC as he is here. Let it Rain is an upbeat love tune, but meant quite literally for my Rose City Pose-rs this week. Natch!

My writing is at a bit of a crossroads (keeping with the Clapton theme). The Neat Sheet has all but vanished from the interwebz world, leaving me confused and worried. My emails have gone unanswered and yes, I did check to see if it was just a pass-agress way of telling me to bugger off. Hmmm…. needless to say, January goal #1 will be finding another outlet. I was just starting to feel in the groove with it all and felt so lucky to meet the ladies I was able to interview. Who knows, maybe it will liven up again in 2011?

Personally, I am rollin and tumblin (Clapton) along, heading home to the Midwest in exactly a week. Looking forward to family time and wintery weather. It is always a bit stressful, making time to say hello to old friends (Clapton) but also ensuring that the majority of my visit is spent hanging with the family. Still debating whether to take my computer with me… mostly because I doubt PoseCity parentals know their wireless password, but also because I think it will be nice to take a few days off. I’ll keep my faithful updated! PoseCity >>> CircleCity?

Yesterday I saw Black Swan with two lovely lady friends. I have had mega ladywood for this movie for several reasons and could not wait to see if it lived up to my expectations. OMG… INTENSE. My stomach was clenched the whole time. I cannot give too much away, but I will say that the costumes were incredible, the lezzy scene was brief, and I still have a lot of questions. I didn’t loooooove it but it was definitely worth my time and $8 motherfin .50.

In fashion news, I just stumbled upon this gem about the Sartorialist. Please be sure to watch the video, it is super short and narrated by the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. I am a huge fan of his blog and the fact that he is from Indiana [We Hoosiers have to stick together, as per Vonnegut]! I find it interesting that he primarily considers the photographic composition over the fashion statement, as most people would categorize his blog as a study in street style. Follow me:>Bookmarks>Add Bookmark>Add. GOOD JOB!

Also from my NYT buds, a great homage to lace as the detail of late. YAY!!!! So sexy, so revealing, yet subdued. Le sigh…so great, I can’t stand it (ok, last one)!!!

And finally, I know you are wondering who I think looked good or bad out and about over the weekend. Let the wait end:

I know nada about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden except that SHE’S A BABE! What a dress. Royal garb has always been whimsically appealing to me and seeing these photos only serves as reinforcement.

Photo cred: huffpost

Photo cred: huffpost

Was this Kate Bosworth’s home-ec project gone wrong?! WTH??

Photo cred:

Big surprise, FLOTUS looked amazingly festive for the “Christmas in Washington” concert. She does not miss.

Photo cred: huffpost

Ok Pose-ys, stay fresh this week. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out (LAST ONE FOR REAL THIS TIME) and lookin a mess!
Much love.

PoseCity xo.

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