My So-Called BLOG.

No music, just please watch [or re-watch]  My So-Called Life. This clip will get you started, it is a bit long but so worth it (mother/daughter fashion show… need I say more?!). The WHOLE SERIES is available to watch online at Hulu. Fo free.

Sigh.. so grateful for such things, as I had what ya might call a ‘typical Monday.’ I left #5 at my latest time ever, scurrying to the max already wishing for 5 pm. Work was busy and interrupted by an unexpected phone problem (middle finger to AT&T), which left me frustrated and stressed. Needless to say, this episode, aptly titled “The Zit,” particularly resonated with me tonight. I’ll be nicer tomorrow. Enjoy*


This is depressing.

I want to go to this.

Watch this.

This is mega sad.

This is a damn fine looking couple:

Photo cred:

Where the sidewalk ends is still a mystery; where this post ends is right hurr!
Much love Pose-rs, we’s all in this together!

PoseCity xo.

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