Well, would ya?!

I am a sucker for slideshow features such as “Would You Wear These Trends?” and “Last Night’s Look: Hit or Miss?” from People.com. Not only do they provide eye candy and fun, street-style photos, but they are perfect for the sneaky internet browse at work because there is minimal reading involved. A quick alt + tab and it’s back to being very busy/important/zoned out viewing Outlook. Win!
A few favorites from today- hover over image for the PoseCity verdict.

Knotted Button Ups:

Photo cred: people.com

Slashed Sleeves:

Photo cred: people.com

Button Front Skirts:

Photo cred: people.com

Sheer Black Overlays:

Photo cred: people.com

Kimono Jackets:

Photo cred: people.com

Leopard Print Totes:

Photo cred: people.com

White Shirt & Black Shorts:

Photo cred: people.com

Wasn’t that fun?! I love me some Peeps.com. Trend spotting and judging: Just a click away at all times. Love!

It is downright cold in the Rose City and I am looooving it so much that multiple o’s are necessary [Shouldn’t they always be? Ladies can I get an amen?!]. Bundle up good and don’t be shy, Uggs are excused, even encouraged in these temps. Go ‘head, get yer East Coast co-ed on. You won’t be the one shivering in flimsy hipster shoes!

Words to live by, my Pose-ys. Much love and stay cozy!


PoseCity xo.

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