Pop Sugar.

Obvi, I love me some Ri Ri (hello, have you been reading lately or what?!). The music vid for her latest single makes me so happy. I know it is a bit over the top…how many shots of her, arms wide, belting from a rock/tulip field/fireworks-speckled sky can there be?!…but a visual delight nonetheless. The haziness of the lighting makes the edges of objects blurry and the shots seem to radiate warmth. Only Rihanna can bring technicolor balloons to the desert and make a giant pink flower stand inexplicably alone in a field, all while twirling about daintily and making the whole spectacle look normal/effortless.

OH, and can we discuss the outfits?! DAY-UM. Even though this little number does not show nearly as much skin when compared to some of her other videos and performances, it is still quite sexy. I especially love the white bustier top and the sparkly headband. And her hair. Makes me want to go red tomorrow. Just might. Stay tuned. WINK.

Now that we’ve indulged our sweet tooth with some candy coated Ri Ri, on to more… well…..on to C. Love.

A woman who needs no intro (see how I struggled with that transition up there?!), this NYT profile seeks to portray CL not as the Queen of Cray Cray we all know and love, but as a fashionista, calling attention to her style prowess and industry connections. I really don’t care what incarnation of Courtney is in the news these days, just as long as she stays around. She’s entertainment at it’s kookiest. Showing up for an interview late, naked and “slightly drunk”….I mean, would you expect anything less from her? LIKE!

In other news, time to ‘Fall Back’ this evening. I am not looking forward to it being dark when I get off work, but I am looking forward to an extra hour of sleep tonight. Time seems so arbitrary whenever these switches come around!

I am also looking forward to apartment sitting this weekend. I’m telling myself it is a stay-cation: the buzz word from a few summers ago when, at the height of the recession, families could not afford to take trips too far from home, so they learned to visit unexplored attractions in their own towns. Then, of course I am scolding myself for using the word ‘stay-cation’ where someone else might read and know that I used it. I’m from the ‘burbs, leave me alone!

Goodnight sweet peas. Make yer clocks turn back, make yer Pose-s fashion forward.


PoseCity xo.

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