Carry on.

Faithful Pose-rs, I have a confession to make:

I’ve been carrying a….well you see, I’ve been toting a… it really is more convenient for me to have a… a……………… BACKPACK.

{shudder} It’s like I can feel the stones being thrown by those who trust me to practice what I preach! Please, I beg you to follow along and allow me to explain.

Photo cred: Yes, it is mine. Also pictured are my new gloves as a redemption offering.

My apologies for the glare, but I went with this photo because the reflector only seems to highlight my fashion faux pas. As you know, I am a commuter to work via public transit. It is a relatively short trip, albeit one that often requires packing and planning for the work day and post-work excursions. And since it is me and I cannot go anywhere lightly, I routinely travel with my vintage Samsonite cross body bag and my reusable lunch sack from Fred Meyer (obvi super chic). As colder and wetter weather arrives, my load to and fro is growing and my comfort was suffering. Not really sure what to do about my cluttered shuffle to the train and back, I forged on feeling clumsy and weighed down.

Enter my black North Face backpack circa 2001. It was not an obvious solution because I keep it in my storage unit below #5. It isn’t that I am sooooo ashaaaaamed of owning it, it’s  just that it would never cross my mind to be used for any reason other than the occasional (read: extremely rare) trek into the great outdoors. I initially coerced my mom into purchasing it under the guise of practicality for an upcoming Youth Group trip in high school. Truth be told, North Face was the shit! Never mind that the highest “face” on the north side of Indianapolis was the second floor of the mall, everyone who was anyone owned something from the outdoor aficionado’s brand. Clearly it makes no sense in hindsight, as trends from our youth rarely do, but the backpack has stuck with me. It has been on my back through high school, college and many airports. When I needed a more condensed system to transport my usual “stuff” AND my yoga mat, I turned to my backpack, and lordy did it deliver! Although you cannot really see it in the photo, there are these hella amazing straps at the base of the backpack where one can easily affix an extra sweater, a raincoat, or I don’t know, a tightly rolled yoga mat, without taking up room inside. Genius. And the side pockets that perfectly house my ever-present water bottle on one side and my battered cell phone&house key&ipod on the other? Brilliant.

What it comes down to for me is a matter of Fashion v. Function. This is a battle I despise and one Portland loves. One of fashion’s supposedly inherent nuisances is that looking good is thought to come at the price of comfort and practicality [hello 5 inch Louboutins]. Now I do not believe that one must teeter on platforms and/or stuff their wobbly bits into Spanx to be foxy, however I do believe it putting oneself together and projecting a certain aesthetic.. whatever that may be for yourself… the majority of the time. Portland style is so odd to me because it seems like function and practicality prevail over fashion and flare in most instances. I’m sure this is one we can blame on the weather and the outdoorsy spirit of the PacNW, but it is worth noting that REI parkas and Hunter wellies far out number Burberry trenches and heels.

Sigh….I feel better having come clean and I hope you understand the reasoning behind my latest choice of hauling device. Little by little I am embracing the practical nature of my current surroundings and always seeking to better evaluate fashion within the context of my whereabouts. Just don’t expect to hear about me climbing Mt. Hood anytime soon.

Strap it on [the backpack, dirty reader!] and do what you gotta do in the name of comfort.

Until next time,


PoseCity xo.

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