Happily Ever After.


Photo cred: PoseCity xo


Hello Loves! Hope this post finds you well and sitting pretty. I have had somewhat of a magical weekend. Today was one of those blissful days when I felt so full of joy and gratitude that I feared I’d burst into tiny bits of Gap hoodie and H&M scarf. I attribute such a day to the following things: perfect Fall weather [sunshine + crisp air], listening to my body and acting accordingly [what a novel idea!], time spent nurturing a lifelong friendship [hi, B], Yoga [where have you been, old pal?!] and just simply dwelling in the awareness of how great today felt, an acknowledgement that oft times gets lost in the 9-5/shufflehome/eatdinner/peruseinternet/bed routine. I’m not knocking the hum drum, that is just how life goes, and if there is a day, a moment, an interaction that causes us to pause and be totally present and aware of how good it all can be, then hellz yes, linger there as long as possible!

Whew, I’ve digressed! All this Yoga has me waxing much more philosophically than per usual. Incidentally, I’ve also had a great weekend in terms of style. A bit of a Fashion Fairytale yesterday at Urban-why do they let me live so close-Outfitters, dear readers. All fairytales start with a conflict and mine has been a horribly unsettling Black Boot Situation. This disturbance in the Fashion Force goes way back and has haunted me on many a hasty ensemble decision. I went into Urban on a black boot mission, as it is best to have a plan in order to combat diversion to the always dependable sale racks. I knew exactly which boots I wanted to purchase, but alas, they were no where to be found! Cursing myself for not biting the weenie and buying them on one of several occasions when I’d tried them on, I thought a visit to the aforementioned discount zone would help raise my spirits. And there, lo and behold, on top of a stack of bizarre imitation Keds, a pair of the boots, size 8.5, on sale as is (bold tag saying “No Box! $39.99”). EUREKA! Deal closed, and we skipped up the hill towards the setting sun. Shall I grab you a tissue?

Le sigh… somethings are just meant to be. The boots, unexpected run-ins, a stroll down a different path that leads you to a new discovery… these things, my darlings, I beg you to pay attention to in your own lives.

I had a whole other post planned that I’ve been working on for a few days and that I will eventually finish and publish (fear not!). But tonight, I put on the Simon & Gfunk Pandora and then set aside the beloved screen in favor of my oldest friends pictured above. If I had my way in deciding what is to come in the future of info sharing, print media would be around forever. Reality bites, though, and I am constantly worried about the longevity of magazines and newspapers, especially as the price of subscription lowers and often includes an additional publication at little extra cost (not complaining about that!). I have not given the time lately to my favorite past time of magazine shredding and collaging, so it was especially comforting to do so this evening.

As I get ready to begin my work week, I will try and hold on to some of this weekend’s magic dust that is starting to scatter as the clock ticks. If you see a stray black glass slipper, er, ankle boot hanging around unattended on Burnside, you know who it belongs to. Please return to blogger.

Keep it whimsical, Pose-rs!

PoseCity xo.

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