Greetings Pose-rs!
I have returned to Earth after the interstellar fashion orbit I was catapulted into last post. Phew! Am fighting feelings of silliness after my proclamation of “fame,” as I have not heard from madam Neat Sheet since the insta-contributer status she bestowed on me a few days ago. Sigh.. am hoping she is just hella bizzy with PDX Fashion Week and will be in touch once it is all over. I, however, have not been following PFW for a few reasons. Okay, for one big reason: MONEY. I suppose I could justify spending the $20-$30 per show (or $100 for Wed-Sun pass, I think) by breaking it down in terms of thismanycupsofcoffee, but really, I’d rather just not. Case closed.

I am currently enjoying a quite cozy perch at the tea cafe down the street. Getting out and not “going out” is perfect for this Friday. I am not so distracted as I am in #5 and I have just come up for air/the keyboard after getting lost in Paris Fashion Week shows that I’ve all but ignored until today [bad, bad fashion blogger!]. I still have so much to view so I am just going to muse about one perennial favorite for now. Ready, set, break it down!

Miu Miu: Welp, color me impressed, Miuccia! Ms. Prada has a special place in my heart due to her always innovative print advertisements. Her and her team are responsible for such dreamy images as the ones below, in addition to creating the “must have bag” season after season.


Photo cred:


Photo cred:

Her Miu Miu line, described by Wikipedia as the “high fashion brand from the Prada fashion house,” started in 1992. The Spring 2011 show is a vision in neon saturated silk, a pleated paradise, a shoe fetishist’s wet dream. I wish I knew more about fabrics and textiles so I could somewhat accurately describe what I’ve seen (as accurate as I can get via web images). Highlights for me were the uniquely adorned necklines and the SHOES. Now I am not a shoe freak, but OMG, every model had on a different pair of amazing heels! Electric green straps, lace up anklets, an updated take on the saddle shoes of my youth… just go look at the show, already! SWOON.

I do wonder what happens to those lovely clothes post-runway. Where do they live? Do they ever see a body other than that of the model who wears them for a hot trot down the catwalk? Questions!

I fear that my antsy nature prevents me from being as thorough a blogger as I could be, for I am about to jump out of my seat due to prolonged sitting. Sign off, I must.
Please visit NYT Fashion & Style for all the Spring 2011 goodness your little heart could desire.
Until next pose… keep it flashy and never more than juuuuust a bit trashy!


PoseCity xo.

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