OMG… I cannot even contain my excitement right now. I must share some good news! On a total whim, I decided to contact Karen who writes The Neat Sheet, PDX Fashion/Style/News blog that I have referenced before [look at list to your right if you don’t believe me].  She is amazingly prompt in her response time so, lo and behold, a mere 26-ish hours after initial contact, I AM ON THEIR WEBSITE WITH A WRITING CREDIT.

See for yourselves.

I am so giddy. It all seems so minor in ye ol’ grand scheme, but for just a moment.. F that! I am going to celebrate any victory, no matter how small.

Special thanks to my mom for her constant encouragement… and for doing her best to follow my train of thought when I babble on the phone whilst toting my computer to a cafe to write. Thank you infinite times over!

Will I be able to sleep is the question…


PoseCity xo.

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