Morning Magic

Good Morning world.

Sleepy Monday AM has brought me much joy thus far- must share, must share! A few quick links that need no commentary:

Oh, hells no!
Oh HuffPost, how I adore thee. Not only is the front page headline “First Lady of Ga-Gay Rights” featuring Miss Lady G (genius), but le Style section features this gem about Hillary. No, no, no, no. Put hair clip down. Step away. Far away.

As a big Rachel Zoe fan [and one who is PISSED that more episodes aren’t posted online], I have fallen in lurve with her assistant, Brad Goreski. NYT offers a cute write-up on his Fashion Week coming out party (no pun intended), as his celebrity is rising thanks to the RZP Season 3.

The New Yorker (where can I buy this mag? Fred Meyer? Added to mile-long “to-get” list) profiles my heroine in blogtown, Tavi Gevinson here. I guess to get the full article you must be a subscriber to their online site (lame) OR of course, actually purchase the hard copy. The latter is my intention. I enjoy this magazine, although anyone I see toting it around I automatically label pretentious. Must hide within massive September Vogue if in public….

Boutique sale went well yesterday (did I mention this?)- scored a cute bright blue dress that is perfect for layering for $10, way down from the original $50 price tag. Tights and boots tights and boots tights and boots. Repeat. Fall/Winter uniform. Also scored chic new “water resistant”- which doesn’t really cut it in this region but whatevs- Fall coat. Success! Except that I cannot [cannot] stop shopping. ANYHOW, whole point to this paragraph was to direct you to The Neat Sheet. I learned of this site via Folly, who was advertising the big sale this past weekend. I was both overjoyed and disheartened to discover this site. On one hand, it is an amazing resource (+ their Facebook page updates frequently.. LIKE!), on the other, it goes to show the sometimes frustrating aspect of the worldwideweb: chances are, someone else has already had your idea and is executing it 100x savvier. Sigh…

Until later! I do have some pictures to post from yesterday’s excursions. Will also see what today brings. Cheers!

PoseCity xo.

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