Lady Picture Show

I have seen a few movies lately that have blown my mind! Both in terms of entertainment and style value. I am not one to hunker down and watch a movie often. I get antsy almost immediately, my mind unable to contain itself for the average 100 minutes it takes to view. I skip to what else I could be doing, or what I have to do tomorrow, when I really should be enjoying what is right in front of me- how indicative of my life!

What I mean to convey is the rarity in which I.. a) check out a movie b) watch the entire thing and c) actually follow it whilst it is playing. So imagine my surprise to go 3 for 3 in the past week.

First: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One on my “must-see” list for sometime. It did NOT disappoint. Rented from library, watched on a random weekday night, left me inspired/confused/aroused(?). Success! I particularly love the costumes in this scene: tuxedos on men and women, sequins on Columbia, Magenta’s maid outfit. Love it all. Halloween inspiration perhaps?

Second: Going the Distance

On a recent rainy Tuesday, I decided to treat myself to the latest Drew Barrymore rom-com. I wanted to see this movie for two reasons: 1. I love Drew B. and 2. I was curious to see how a long-distance relationship was portrayed on the big screen. It was silly and cute and made me laugh more than I’d anticipated, but what I really loved were Drew’s outfits. I daydreamed of being a hot shot movie wardrobe stylist [see, even this one couldn’t keep my mind totally present] and wondered how people even get into a field like that. No clip to share, so I’ll just post this from WhoWhatWear today, an homage to DB’s admirable style.

Third: A Streetcar Named Desire

Another from my “must-see” list. I was thrilled to see this hold come in yesterday, just in time for my weekend. I retrieved it during the library visit photographed in my previous post and watched it last night. Oh my goodness. An instant favorite, although not one that I feel the need to watch over and over. It held my attention for TWO hours, people! I loved the drama, the sexual tension, the sweaty muscles of Marlon Brando in his pre-obeisity and Native American stand-in prime! The dresses worn by Blanche DuBois [Viven Leigh, a long-time favorite] were adorned with diamond broaches and covered with tulle or lace. She often wore multiple accessories with an embellished dress, but never looked overdone. I guess it was just a different time. The whole movie was great, but I am going to share an early scene because I think it is one of the most humorous in an otherwise intense film. Blanche, meet Stanley. Stanley, Blanche.

The gist of this post is to highlight the ways I’ve seen style/fashion/costume in a medium different from the ones I normally pay attention to (print, internet, some TV). It is everywhere! The attention to detail that styling requires enhances all art forms. It is amazing to watch, especially in movies. Hurrah! Now excuse me, I’ve been sitting still far too long…

Much love!

PoseCity xo.


One Comment on “Lady Picture Show”

  1. J says:

    SO surprised at how much I laughed during Going the Distance…it was surprisingly decent! Rocky Horror is obvi a classic…I want to go to one of those showings some time when people dress up! I’d make a good Frankenfurter…I’ve got the legs to pull it off, I feel.

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