Hello my sweets. Rain is falling, #5 is cozy, time to play some much needed/wanted catch-up time on the Interwebz!! Sigh, due to “personal internet use” crack-down at work [seriously, do they not know it is Fashion Week for heaven’s sake?!], and just being busy there in general, I have been feeling so very behind. I catch (sneak) glimpses here and there during the day, and it just teases me! Then by the time I get home, I am so sick of staring at the computer all day that the last thing I want to do is send my peepers further into glaze-over town. Conundrum! Rest easy, though, tonight I shall post just as foxy as I pose. Take THAT!

Ok ok ok.. first I must guuuush on what I just* found (although apparently it was posted a WHOLE WEEK ago.. that is how lagging behind I am! Ashamed!) on HuffPost Arts. Japanese artist, and frequent Marc-y J collaborator @ Louis Vuitton, Takashi Murakami has pieces on view at.. wait for it… VERSAILLES. Gah! It’s like my two favorite things- bright/unique/MJ approved foreign art AND Marie Antoinette’s palace- combined. Good Lordy, what would happen if I went? Combustion from sensory joy, certainly. Here is the palace’s, ahem, chateau’s, official site for the exhibition, running from September 14-December 12, 2010. Amazing!

Another recent find that has brought me great joy is the release of aforementioned Marc J’s first fragrance for men, Bang. I saw the first print ad when I was at Bishops the other day- MJ reclining, topless, oiled up, flexing his bicep & gazing at a bottle of Bang. OMG! Like! The ad was classic MJ, simple white page, except for the outrageously decadent image, top/center. I beg you to check it out online- oh yes, he does have an entire site devoted to Bang– and view the photos and videos. Hope they make you just as giddy!

Now, onward to the main event(s)! On tap for the rest of the evening is a viewing of the feature CBS aired last night about behind the scenes of Fashion’s Night Out 09.10.10. Head over to CBS.com to view the full episode… I cannot wait!

GreatGreatGREAT stuff coming down the runway, eh?? Granted, this IS the most I’ve ever paid attention to Fashion Week in my life, but I just cannot help but think that the collections this year are transcendent. I find myself appreciating pieces in EVERY collection… even designers that are totally not my aesthetic [paging Jeremy Scott] are killing it! Weeee!

I have to share this adorable account of HuffPost blogger Anya Strzemien’s first MJ show.. I have a feeling I’d be too paralyzed by delight to even get this much down on a notepad/computer/tissue wet with my tears of joy. Speaking of the Master, head to NYT Fashion & Style to view both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collections. Thank me later.

Like I said, I have lots of catching up to do personally. So I’ll just put my reviews on reservation and take my own advice. I will share the shows I am most excited to view later: Marchesa, Proenza Schouler, Alice + Olivia, Mulberry, Rodarte, Rachel Roy… ok ok you get my drift.

Happy Viewing!

OH.. and one more thing.. was reading September ELLE in bed last night (rough life, I know) and I came across a great article about Opening Ceremony, a retail… project, I’ll call it… in NYC, LA and Tokyo. Totally engrossing read, am currently fascinated with finding out more about them. Look into that when you can, as well (after Fashion Week shows, aaaand after sponsoring my trip to Versailles, obvi).

Alright, off I go, weee!
Much love,

PoseCity xo.

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