Aren’t you? Just wishing you were across from me to share, right?

Sigh.. this represents my day today, so so so good. Fall weather has been here all week and I am loving it… especially when it looks like it will be a glum day in the morning, but by noon, the sun is shining and the breeze is fresh. Above photo taken @ Nook Cafe.. been wanting to stop in and finally did. Am a sucker for cafes/coffee shops in old houses…Soma can you hear me??

I planned a longer post for tonight, but I simply don’t want to at the moment. My eyes are done with the computer screen for the day, going to tackle the new Marie Claire that was waiting in my mailbox post-grocery store visit today!!!! Seriously, print media, you are NOT in trouble if I have anything to say about it. Getting a magazine in the mail is truly one of life’s treasures [thanks, mama xo!].

Great weekend-so much to catch up on re: Fashion Week, but the slideshows can wait. A few highlights:

Perfect weather & wandering about town by myself.

Cutie boy baristas make the greatest substance ever [coffee] that much better. xo

Productive trip to Folly.. more on that to come.

Getting a much needed trim…and possibly going back later this week to get more taken off the front. [Big PoseCity shout-out to Bishops Barbershop as I have always had positive experiences there, and such convenient hours. Like!]

Acquiring a hand-me-down from Kate! Great fall-ish dress that I am wearing

Encouraging talks with mom, Lauren, Allyson. Women power. Cue the Le Tigre.

A more Fashion Week focused post soon, I promise!

Much Love,

PoseCity xo.


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