Sunday Funday!

Well.. hello! Good morning Sunday. You know how I am fond of these mornings. Currently jamming to this and feeling groovy as my java kicks in. I am also having trouble concentrating on typing, due to the super cute mani I got last night with Lauren at Beauty Bar Portland! I’ve coined the color “Betsey Johnson Pink,” if that gives you any indication of it’s brightness. Love! If ever in the Rose City, I beg you check out BB… fun, female-centric vibe, a place that truly captures all of my senses. Plus, walking downtown last night, we passed the Nordstrom storefront where my Marc-y J bag was prominently displayed among other hot Fall bags. Will try and post a pic later. Score!

I digress… nails are fit to be distracting, though ; ).

So.. a little event called Fashion Week is officially in full swing. As indicated by my last post, I am overwhelmed by all the coverage. I’ve even heard of some designers allowing live streams of their runway shoes, giving us access to the excitement no matter where we are in the world. This is SO inspiring to me, the way technology is transforming the industry’s reach. I mean, here PoseCity sits on the West Coast, and with a few easy clicks on the computer, I can be transported to the front row of [insert hot-ticket show here], thousands of miles away. Then, I can call Mama PoseCity in the Midwest and debrief on what we both have seen all in “real time”. Squeal!!

A few thoughts on what I’ve seen so far [all slide-show links courtesy of NYT]:

Philosophy di Alberta Feretti: How fun and colorful is this collection?! I am not crazy about the Asian inspired hats, but I don’t even care. Love the pinks and oranges, they pop from the screen- would love to be front row for this show, the colors would totally blow my mind in person. And the carpet? Equal parts crazy and obnoxious and I think it is killer. A risk worth taking.

Zac Posen: This show gets a big thumbs up for me, not because of the clothes per say, but because of the amazing styling! Bravo, NYT, for the option to scroll over an image for a “big photo” for more detailed viewing, because then you can really see the small style choices that take a show to the next level. I love that he doesn’t rely solely on his clothes, but rather creates a whole look. The hair, make-up and nails (love love!) on these models is so fresh and fits well with the collection. A few favorites, by photo number: 12. Blue shiny coat with broaches, 18. Flirty, sexy gray dress, 26. Yellow ruffled blouse with black blazer and black belt.
My only dislikes were the glasses, lace up black shoes (yuck) and that print with people’s faces that appeared a few times.

Charlotte Ronson: Very curious to view her show, if only for the fact that I like her name (Chaaaaarlotttteeee, so dreamy) and she’s related to Samantha of LiLo’s lady friend fame. Hey, whatever gets people paying attention, right?? Welp, she totally hooked me. I am crazy about this show, probably because it is the most relatable to me thus far. I jotted the following words: young, urban, nose ring, hot, sheer, hot, prints, grunge, hot, hot(t). Looks 1-5 pulled me in right away, the muted reds and sorta grandma-ish print are killer together. Hate the socks with open toed shoes (really, what IS the deal?? Seen this waaay too much on the runway lately) and the few all denim looks she did missed the mark. But even when the prints got a little “prairie” for me, the styling kept the looks urban. Favorites: 13. Want on my body right now. I have the tights and Frye’s just send it, Charly!, 25. 27. 36. All amazing. And 37. how cute is she?! Take a bow, babydoll.

PHEW.. that is all for now my dears. Eyes are starting to glaze. More later I hope, lots on my mind (per usual).

PoseCity xo.

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