O.M.G. [already]

Le sigh… I am ALREADY feeling overwhelmed by FNO/Fashion Week coverage and neither event has even started yet! Gah! Due to a rare week at work away from a computer, I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since I got home, trying to read/process/vet through all of the info I have coming in from all of my trusty sources. Whew! The following is what I’ve been able to gather thus far, and I obvi share with you. However, I do confess that I do not feel prepared to comment a lot myself yet. Patience, dear reader, we will forge ahead together! Fashion will not fall by the wayside. Nope nope nope.

[side-note] Apparently Vogue launched a new website layout today. Swoon! Loving it. But don’t you think it needs a PoseCity link? Wouldn’t that just tie everything together? Me thinks yes.

Ok ok ok…
I guess it is safe to say that Fashion’s Night Out launched last night, although the actual event isn’t until Friday. My biggest source for all this has surprisingly been the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Facebook page. Follow them, for realz. Very informative and reliable. They provided the following link to Vogue’s site, as well as tons of videos and clips from last night.
Check out at your leisure, not going to post each one (too bad so sad).

I will share this, courtesy of CFDA via Vogue, as aforementioned. BEAUTIFUL images-view slideshow or thumbnails- of the line up from last night’s show. Amazing.

Also, my BFFs at HuffPost Style provided a pretty great run-down of events for Friday. I even learned about an appearance by Queen & King of Cool, the Gordon/Moore family of Sonic Youth fame, debuting Kim’s designs set to tunes courtesy of Thurston.

Golly, just to be out that night.. I know the energy will be so positive and creative. What is the fair Rose City doing to celebrate FNO? Well, glad you asked! Check out the Merc’s write up about what will be going on downtown. PoseCity will be there.. will you? Shall we come up with a certain code pose to strike whence we see each other?

Bed soon, all this fashion has me weary-eyed. Bliss!

PoseCity xo.

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