Laboring on Labor Day

Pack up your whites! Fall is coming. Felt like it today, I even dressed too warmly for work because #5 was so chilly this morning. I wore brown, black and navy today and I feel a little weird about it (still lusting after black Fryes…and I might have started looking on ebay for them….), but I think it I rocked it well. SO MANY inspiring findings today, I am overwhelmed once again. I just don’t see myself stalling at all in terms of my ideas. A slow day at work facilitated a lot of Interweb reading, most of which I will share. I am still feeling almost at battle with my mind, constantly having to focus on what’s in front of me instead of letting what’s speeding along in my head take over. “SLOW DOWN” I want to scream, yet it also feels invigorating. I literally made three lists today, on top of the four I have sitting on my desk, along with the tiny memo pad I’ve been carrying in my work bag. Sheesh! The phrase “it’s not a bad problem to have” annoys the shit out of me when my boss uses it at work, but it somehow seems quite applicable in this case. Read on, dear poser!

This was me last night [above], taking some well needed time away from the computer screen and jaunting up to Washington Park with my journal. Having no problem balancing the two… yet… as they are such separate outlets for me. I sat on the “John Silas Reed” bench and scribbled away, wrapping up the journal I’d been keeping since 02.19.10. Finishing a journal is always such a bittersweet feeling and one I don’t reflect on lightly. BIG stuff happened in those six.5 months. That’s all between PoseCity and Journal, of course, but I will say that the particular notebook I filled last night might be the most important to me thus far. Blogging and pursuing other interests is all a result of knowing myself better, an internal transformation I’ve felt slowly but surely during that time.
“We write to taste life twice: In the moment, and in retrospect.” -Anais Nin

So here I am. No park visit this evening, but a short walk around the block did me well after a day spent indoors. As aforementioned, I have a lot to share so I’m going to get right to some linkage!

The most exciting find of my day came via mistake.. I cannot even remember now what led me to Shop Vintage Portland, but praise Jebus that something did! I still haven’t explored this site to the fullest, but I’ve already found plans for tomorrow night through it and am excited to read more. Added to sidebar as well, so you can keep up. Brilliant!

Clearly, Ms. PoseCity is hella pumped for NYC Fashion Week. And clearly my friends at the NYT know how to fuel the fire by providing a comprehensive slideshow of collections from last season. If you have any interest in Fashion whatsoever, do yourself a favor and head here and start squealing with anticipation like I did. I mean… sigh… some of these designers are at the top of their game and the clothes are just so beautiful. Make sure to check out Alexander McQueen’s swan song collection (I have no words to describe! The prints and textures jump off the screen..) and of course my personal favorite, Balmain. I could look at these slideshows all day… swoon.

Today also found me engrossed in Dries Van Noten‘s website after HuffPost Style featured a slideshow of Ms. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s recent wardrobe choices. I lingered for a while on the photo of her at the Oscars in Dries Van Noten from 03.07.10 [good day] because it is such a unique dress. I decided to learn more about the label and am so glad I did. The website features images and videos from past runway shows. Like!

One. Last. Link. for the day- an interesting tidbit from HuffPost Arts regarding the relevance of an Artist’s Statement. It resonated with me because I’ve felt so anxious about making this blog about one thing or the other, and really having a “vision” and sticking to it, etc. It made me think that maybe I am okay with how I’ve been going about this (i.e. pretty unstructured in terms of content). Who really reads those things anyway?!

Phew, long post. I am weary. That’s all from the Rose City for this holiday weekend.
Strike a good pose back at the office tomorrow! Tell ’em said so!

Much Love,
PoseCity xo.

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