Bananas for Team Zoe

I was delighted to discover that another episode of The Rachel Zoe Project was finally posted on Bravo last night. Hurrah! I am absolutely in love with this show. It is so over the top self-indulgent that I should be ashamed, buuut I totally am not. It gives the viewer unprecedented access to watching a fashion power-player like RZ and her team work. I sit and watch with a big grin on my face, watching RZ schmooze with the likes of the Missoni ladies, Donatella (no last name needed), and Kate Hudson, who featured very prominently in this episode. RZ and her client’s lifestyles are seemingly so glamourus, but half the fun for me is how silly it all is in the grand scheme of the world. DO NOT get me wrong, fashion is art is life is creativity walking, but I also know it is frivolous to fret over which Oscar gown to wear in comparison to other life decisions. Buuuuut I also don’t care. It’s a reality show, after all, and it’s a great one, in my opinion. Head over to to view, or click above and escape for about 45 minutes.
Pose City xo.


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