Just a few articles I’ve been skimming after an amazing afternoon of wandering the streets and poking in shops. The air was crisp today, felt good in my lungs.

Chic in Review for this past week.
You can always count on T Magazine for great reading. They post a list like this one every week, just to help us all keep up- how sweet!

My beloved HuffPost Style does a similar weekend round-up on Sundays called Last Look: Style News You Might Have Missed. Not that Miss PoseCity actually DID miss any of that style news, but regardless, I just feel so uplifted by the Internet sometimes! Mucho thanks.

And another, from Sunday Styles in the NYT, an article about the fabu Ms. Vicky B.
It is difficult for me not to envy this woman. Pink gold Rolex? MJ model? Being described as “saucy” by the NYT [please add to my life’s goals!]? I mean, geez, I didn’t even mention boning David Beckham! Is she “for real” as the article asks us to consider? I don’t know and I honestly haven’t seen too much of her stuff. I look forward to more revealed during Fashion Week. But for all that she has to make us hate her, I find myself amused and intrigued. I’m rooting for you, VB!
PoseCity xo.


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