Frye-er’s Remorse?!

[1st Honey Crisp Apple of the season in mah belly]

Fall Fashion: (!!!) Always a big “To-Get” list for a new season, and Fall seems to be longer than the rest. I have purchased a few items lately that are investment pieces for me. First was my beloved Marc Jacobs bag, bought in July. I mean, do I really need to go into detail as to why this was a purchase?! Among the items I have made it a goal to own someday [Cartier Love Bracelet being the ultimate], an MJ bag seemed the most accessible at this point. So I splurged and am so glad I did. I even bought the color I really wanted instead of talking myself into something more practical [read: boring, predictable]. The plum leather is so divine, it seems like a new neutral to me, in lieu of gray, my default bag color. Swoon!

So imagine my surprise when I purchased my next item on the Fall To-Get List.. Frye Harness Boots…and have since been feeling………..dare I name it…… BUYER’S REMORSE?! Gah! Such a foreign feeling that I’m not even sure if that is what it is, but I do not like it. I guess it isn’t so much that I regret buying the boots, but rather I think I chose the wrong color.

There they are. Beautiful, I am aware, but I am longing for the same version in Black. I wear so much black, especially in the Fall & Winter with tights and skirts, that I am wondering why I didn’t consider this sooner. I thought the brown would be versatile enough to wear with anything, but I am second-guessing that decision. Thoughts?

Plus, I just think those hot Harnesses in black would give me more cred when rocking out to this:

Much love,

PoseCity xo.

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