Folly: 09.02.10

“I’ve never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it.” -Dorothy Parker

[quote from Folly post card]

Oh joyus First Thursday! I am reminded how grateful I am to live in Portland everyday, but especially when the weather is perfect and I am perusing boutiques and galleries and eating fro yo! Thus was my experience during September’s First Thursday. [A quick background note: 1st Thursday is a monthly event when galleries, boutiques, shops, restaurants in the Pearl District are open later. The evening is often times further enhanced by street vendors and performance art.]

The Pearl can be mildly annoying due to the smug factor. Known as a swanky area of town, some of the buildings are so new and shiny that they seem to have dropped from the sky yesterday. The people exiting said buildings tend to be mega buzz kills: men smelling of pricey hair products and women wearing tight gym clothes. Despite all this, I really do like 1st Thursday, and enjoy going by myself so I can move at my own speed.

My boutique review for this time took place at Folly.

I purchased one of my most beloved dresses at Folly over a year ago. During my Quizzy days at Slabtown, I was tortured walking past this charming shop every week, gazing at the well styled displays and adorable frocks in the window. I went in one day last summer in search of a particular dress and ended up leaving with a totally different piece (an amazingly versatile LBD with ruffled cap sleeves & gold buttons). Somehow I ended up on their email list and could not pass up the most recent one alerting me to a vintage slip sale during 1st Thursday.

Quickly after entering and scouring through the $10-$15 bin of beautiful slips, I remembered my beef with Folly… no mirrors in the dressing room! I know the thinking behind this is that you must come out to look in the mirror, thus inviting encouragement to buy from the shop salespeople. Uggg, right?! I pressed on, though, taking my slips in to try on with more than a little grouch in my step. Something about this visit was different- when I emerged, it was like the store floor was transformed into a cozy communal fashion show, complete with a few really stylish girlfriends to give you the thumbs up or down. I didn’t even bother going back behind the curtain, rather trying on slip after slip right over my clothes. Granted, I was wearing the perfect outfit….black BDG skinnies & black tank….to facilitate such ease, but still, I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed the feedback from the adorable pixie-ish shop owner and the other ladies shopping. I left with a bitchin’ navy slip dress and a pink slip top, hopefully pictures to come soon in “Recent Purchases” [if I can ever figure out how!].

Hey, Folly, you’re alright by me! Check it out and let me know your experience.


PoseCity xo.


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