Keeping Portland (stylishly) Weird

Well hello. My first post! And yes, I am a bit jittery. First Day of School-type nervous, which is fitting due to the time of year. Fall is coming, and like my great friend Lauren said last night, each season change brings a sort of “buzz” of energy with it, something new and fresh is in the air and I am feeling it BIG time.

The inspiration behind all this happened exactly a week ago on 08/28/10 (I love dates and numbers, so I will probably be a bit obsessive about documenting when things happen). I was hanging out in #5, just waiting to go out on the town later, when I began to feel even more antsy than usual. I tend to sustain a constant level of antsy-ness, but the energy I felt then was different, and I headed out on a walk to clear my head. My excursion was not successful at all in erasing my mind, but rather I had one of those experiences where one idea starts to build off the previous and all of a sudden, it is like your brain might explode if you do not get home RIGHT THEN to record everything scrolling through. Images, ideas, thoughts, goals, heart pounding… I felt so alive and strong for the first time in weeks. In that moment was a spark, one that I am riding still. When so much of my life has been an internal struggle lately, last week reminded me that my mind is still very much a creative powerhouse. [YES]

I am self-conscious about a lot of things regarding blogging and professing to know anything about what constitutes style. Who am I to judge, after all?! I am not one to be upfront, but I am going to list a few insecurities now so they are out in the open.

1. I am not tech-savvy. All is new to me, down to uploading a picture on this thing. It might not always look pretty, but I am not interested in using the latest font, I just hope to provide unique content.

2. That being said, I see myself providing a lot of links. I don’t want to rely on them for content, but rather as a way to share a lot of the information and images that drive my own creativity. All post-linkage commentary will be unique, I promise you that!

3. I don’t really have a direction for the blog and that is scary for me. I journal regularly and will never give that up. So I will have to strike a balance between my personal writing and this new form of self-expression. I don’t know if this will specifically be about fashion, or other articles I read, or daily life, or Portland-centric, or what. Probs a combination of all, and that might just be alright.

4. I will write how I talk. One of the greatest compliments I ever received in school was when a professor told me that he could tell he was reading my paper without even looking at the title page bearing my name. My voice has to come through or else I’m just another blog. Which, BTW, is NOT okay with me!!!

5. I should clarify my tag line and be honest in my feelings about where I live. “Keep Portland Weird” is a saying often called upon to summon the citizens of The Rose City of Portland, Oregon to maintain the city’s quirkiness in all aspects of life. It is painted in bold, yellow letters on the sides of buildings and slapped on bumpers all over town. I often argue that Portland needs no reminder to stay weird, as it seems to do just fine on it’s own most days. I hail from Indianapolis, Indiana, where weird in terms of appearance is if you don’t own at least one “Old Navy (insert year) 4th of July” t-shirt. I don’t want to lose the weird in my documentation- not that I am worried about it too much, but I also don’t want to imply that PDX quirk has no place in a fashionable aesthetic. I would argue the opposite, in fact! So let’s just all agree that The Rose City’s weirdness only enhances it’s style. And also let’s agree that it is okay to “Vogue” in front of your mirror in a killer ensemble. (no.. just me?.. ok..)

Thank you for reading and I welcome your thoughts, encouragement and patience! All I want in life is to live creatively and in the present… and make Mike & Jacquie proud.


PoseCity xo.

One Comment on “Keeping Portland (stylishly) Weird”

  1. Moa says:

    Applause! Looking forward to following your adventures!

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