Boss-a-thon 2K10

Can’t stop listening to this song, and the album it appears on, Nebraska.

Makes me tear up every time. Woeful love song. Bruce’s rugged vocals. Like. Like. Like.

Adieu, September!

Hello Pose-rs! My week has been so irregular- due to the conference on my typical days off, I had Wednesday & Thursday as my “weekend” instead. It has been sort of a mid-week treat, but also a bit disorienting. I am grateful to be back in the Rose City, surrounded by Indian Summer sunshine. I still get giddy when a tourist asks me directions and I actually feel confident in my response. This happened to me today en route to the library and I gave possibly the most enthusiastic pointers of all time. Makes one feel like they belong, or at least blend in with the locals.

Feelings of disbelief tonight whilst drawing up my monthly calendar…I can hardly believe we’re on the verge of October! Portland Fashion Week (intrigued) and a mid-month visit from Mama PoseCity (!!!) will make for fun times ahead. Oh, and lest we forget to mention the mother of all costumed holidays, HALLOWEEN. Am already thinking of options… something bloody this year.

I will share two photos from my conference excursion up north. Might I say, I am glad I had low expectations re: Conference Casual. Ladies and gentleman, prince or pauper, one does NOT have to look shabby in unflattering materials! It is tragic the amount of ill-fitting polyester and solid colored polo shirts (boooring) I witnessed. I’ll just leave it at that. I was quite happy with my own “Biz Cas” picks and felt comfortable the whole time. Win!

I do not fancy tropical locals or sandy beaches, rather I take comfort in the waters of Puget Sound [Read more about efforts to protect the area here]. Ever since my trip to Seattle, WA in May, I have been captivated by this stretch. I still do not know that much about it, or the cities/towns that are along the water. But I do know that standing at the edge of that boat dock in Everett was intoxicating for me. I could stare at this [below] for hours in total calmness, my mind free to wander elsewhere. Must be the Pisces in me.

Back in PDX, I have been trying to enjoy the sunshine. Fashion waits for no weather pattern, however, and I have fallen way behind on the Spring 2011 collections still being shown in Fashion Weeks around the world. Tonight I did head over to NYT  to do a quick scan through the Balmain show. A long-time favorite of mine for their military inspired looks from a few seasons ago, I anxiously awaited the unveiling of this collection. I am not disappointed. I love the skinnies that skim the ankles in various shades of metallic or leather. HOT! So great with the basic black shoes (finally, some wearable shoes!) and open blazers [photo #19 is amazing]. Simple stuff here, no ball gowns or many dresses/skirts at all, but very urban pieces that are again, very wearable. From a critical eye, I do have some questions about the t-shirt that looks like the ones my classmates and I would cover in colored marker signatures/phone numbers/well-wishes on the last day of school [photo #22]. WTF??

OH and I did view Dolce&Gabanna last night… and subsequently wanted to be draped in white lace and dreamily lifted off to the Italian country side. SIGH… so beautiful. Loved this collection as a whole and it felt very cohesive. Great work, gents.

Going to look over some more shows before bed, I suggest you do the same!

Two more fashion tid-bits for this post:

1. Bad news first: Deeply saddened to learn that Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski are going their separate ways.. professionally at least. Head over to RZ’s website to see a picture and Peeps for the deets. Sad!

2. Designer/Hottie Rachel Roy was tonight’s guest judge on Project Runway! Can’t wait to watch the episode online tomorrow while I eat dinner, as is my Friday post-work tradition. Yay!

And with that, I am signing off for the evening. Alls well that poses well.


PoseCity xo.

Uniformity is [not] boring.

Hello there! A few days absence due to a busy week! And a few more absent days to follow…am currently super pumped to embark on my first ever work related trip! Non-profit conference, here I come! Armed with my essentials: note-taking supplies, my camera, membership brochures and a few Larabars in case the food sucks, I am so ready. So ready to affix a cheap self-adhesive name tag. So ready to “press the flesh” a la my dad. So ready to OBSERVE. To LEARN. Yippie.

[Obviously, I will also be scouting conference casual attire. I made that term up, BTW. I am expecting awful, awful choices.]

Ok, but before I depart for another PacNW town, I must must must share what I’ve just been watching. I am hella irritated that I cannot get the video to show up in the post (why? why?), so I’ll just include the link here. I was perusing NYT F&S, as is customary post-dinner in #5, and I stumbled upon a video commentary on an article I happened to have in print from my visit home in July. Crazy! While at my favorite local coffee shop in the Midwest, I snapped up a discarded Thursday Styles section from the NYT, because a hardcopy is like gold to me. The front page feature was so intriguing that I took it back to the Rose City and put it in my journal. So imagine my delight when I discovered the accompanying video! Like I said, it is a few months old, but so darn good.

People embarking on a “shopping diet”where they choose six items already in their closets to wear over and over for a month??? Using the phrase “it really doesn’t matter” in regard to what you wear?? You might think these ideas would send me into an over compensational “buying binge,” unable to deal with such restriction. Wrong! I love it! Mostly because I fit into the “creative category,” the grouping that was enticed by the opportunity to mix and match in innovative ways and overload with accessories. Equally appealing is the uniform idea, which at the core is summed up in Heidi’s quote:

“If you don’t think about what you wear…..does that free up your mind and creativity in other ways?”

Hmmm…..does it? Would it? I have been wanting to write about the idea of a uniform since I started this blog and this is the perfect spark I needed. I find the idea of wearing something very similar most days (think Michael Kors’ jeans + black tee + blazer, Carolina Herrera’s crisp white collared shirts) sort of revolutionary because it would take a lot of fuss out of my morning routine. But on the other hand, I love that fuss! Granted, it does drive me mad on the days when I should be halfway to the train stop, but instead I’m still in my skivvies staring at my closet like it is filled with scuba gear. Most days, however, crafting the day’s look is a creative outlet, one that often dictates my attitude going forward out my apartment door.

The video offers some compromise in my love/hate relationship with the uniform idea, pointing out that accessories are still limitless. Like! So even if Iwas to adopt a neutral uni, [skinnies + black tank + black/navy/gray long cardigan + flats = Spring,  boots + tights + dress + wrap = Fall/Winter) I could still go ape shiz with scarves, bangles, earrings, rings, etc. It would also force me to be more creative with my hair. And possibly even free up some mind space.

While a full conversion to the six item philosophy is probably never in my future (anti- consumerism?? pshhh!!!), I really love the whole idea and the video (if you haven’t already gathered that).  Cheers!

Until next post… pose on, kittens!

PoseCity xo.

Lady Picture Show

I have seen a few movies lately that have blown my mind! Both in terms of entertainment and style value. I am not one to hunker down and watch a movie often. I get antsy almost immediately, my mind unable to contain itself for the average 100 minutes it takes to view. I skip to what else I could be doing, or what I have to do tomorrow, when I really should be enjoying what is right in front of me- how indicative of my life!

What I mean to convey is the rarity in which I.. a) check out a movie b) watch the entire thing and c) actually follow it whilst it is playing. So imagine my surprise to go 3 for 3 in the past week.

First: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One on my “must-see” list for sometime. It did NOT disappoint. Rented from library, watched on a random weekday night, left me inspired/confused/aroused(?). Success! I particularly love the costumes in this scene: tuxedos on men and women, sequins on Columbia, Magenta’s maid outfit. Love it all. Halloween inspiration perhaps?

Second: Going the Distance

On a recent rainy Tuesday, I decided to treat myself to the latest Drew Barrymore rom-com. I wanted to see this movie for two reasons: 1. I love Drew B. and 2. I was curious to see how a long-distance relationship was portrayed on the big screen. It was silly and cute and made me laugh more than I’d anticipated, but what I really loved were Drew’s outfits. I daydreamed of being a hot shot movie wardrobe stylist [see, even this one couldn’t keep my mind totally present] and wondered how people even get into a field like that. No clip to share, so I’ll just post this from WhoWhatWear today, an homage to DB’s admirable style.

Third: A Streetcar Named Desire

Another from my “must-see” list. I was thrilled to see this hold come in yesterday, just in time for my weekend. I retrieved it during the library visit photographed in my previous post and watched it last night. Oh my goodness. An instant favorite, although not one that I feel the need to watch over and over. It held my attention for TWO hours, people! I loved the drama, the sexual tension, the sweaty muscles of Marlon Brando in his pre-obeisity and Native American stand-in prime! The dresses worn by Blanche DuBois [Viven Leigh, a long-time favorite] were adorned with diamond broaches and covered with tulle or lace. She often wore multiple accessories with an embellished dress, but never looked overdone. I guess it was just a different time. The whole movie was great, but I am going to share an early scene because I think it is one of the most humorous in an otherwise intense film. Blanche, meet Stanley. Stanley, Blanche.

The gist of this post is to highlight the ways I’ve seen style/fashion/costume in a medium different from the ones I normally pay attention to (print, internet, some TV). It is everywhere! The attention to detail that styling requires enhances all art forms. It is amazing to watch, especially in movies. Hurrah! Now excuse me, I’ve been sitting still far too long…

Much love!

PoseCity xo.


Went to pick up a hold at the library yesterday and stumbled upon this. Which led me to check out The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton on a whim. So far so good. Stopped at Stumptown Coffee downtown for Rooibos tea and a window view (oh, right, I’m reading.. concentrate on reading….).

Even the bathroom is hip. Duck keyring to keep out the hobos.

Morning Magic

Good Morning world.

Sleepy Monday AM has brought me much joy thus far- must share, must share! A few quick links that need no commentary:

Oh, hells no!
Oh HuffPost, how I adore thee. Not only is the front page headline “First Lady of Ga-Gay Rights” featuring Miss Lady G (genius), but le Style section features this gem about Hillary. No, no, no, no. Put hair clip down. Step away. Far away.

As a big Rachel Zoe fan [and one who is PISSED that more episodes aren’t posted online], I have fallen in lurve with her assistant, Brad Goreski. NYT offers a cute write-up on his Fashion Week coming out party (no pun intended), as his celebrity is rising thanks to the RZP Season 3.

The New Yorker (where can I buy this mag? Fred Meyer? Added to mile-long “to-get” list) profiles my heroine in blogtown, Tavi Gevinson here. I guess to get the full article you must be a subscriber to their online site (lame) OR of course, actually purchase the hard copy. The latter is my intention. I enjoy this magazine, although anyone I see toting it around I automatically label pretentious. Must hide within massive September Vogue if in public….

Boutique sale went well yesterday (did I mention this?)- scored a cute bright blue dress that is perfect for layering for $10, way down from the original $50 price tag. Tights and boots tights and boots tights and boots. Repeat. Fall/Winter uniform. Also scored chic new “water resistant”- which doesn’t really cut it in this region but whatevs- Fall coat. Success! Except that I cannot [cannot] stop shopping. ANYHOW, whole point to this paragraph was to direct you to The Neat Sheet. I learned of this site via Folly, who was advertising the big sale this past weekend. I was both overjoyed and disheartened to discover this site. On one hand, it is an amazing resource (+ their Facebook page updates frequently.. LIKE!), on the other, it goes to show the sometimes frustrating aspect of the worldwideweb: chances are, someone else has already had your idea and is executing it 100x savvier. Sigh…

Until later! I do have some pictures to post from yesterday’s excursions. Will also see what today brings. Cheers!

PoseCity xo.


This is the license plate that sits above my kitchen sink. I have had it for years, although I don’t remember how I came it came into my possession. Today is a big day in our relationship, as it is finally the date I’ve always seen on the plate: 91910. My long list of quirks (I don’t eat the tops or bottoms of bananas, or the bottoms of baby carrots, I always double knot shoes with laces… I should stop waving my freak flag so high…) includes a previously mentioned obsession with dates. Finding dates in license plates was once my favorite past-time in my home state [used to be arranged: ## letter ####, making those last four or five numerals ripe for birth dates/life milestones], until they changed the format a few years ago. Oregon’s plates are similarly no fun, so now I seek dates in all sorts of other odd places- order invoices, closing day report totals, and my new favorite, building addresses.

Cheers to 09.19.10! More fashion to come later, lots of shows to review. My last few posts have taken a pretty personal turn, as opposed to more style-centric, but I am trying not to fight whatever I feel the urge to share. So far, it feels pretty right.

Cheers! PoseCity xo